The Conduit Events

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The Conduit Events

Post by Scout on Fri Aug 19, 2016 7:30 pm

If you missed the final event, here's the raw /event's from the event.

/event A dozen M-80 armored vehicles roll up on a long road. The 2nd MSRC exit, along with Shepard. A Turian and female soldier step out with him. Anderson deploys, taking a front position. Greene and the 2nd MSRC approach up front with him, shortly after Shepard joins, the sight of the Conduit far down the path. Anderson looks towards the two groups, saying. "We got to move!"'.

/event As Greene and the 2nd MSRC move further forward as Shepard pulls his squadmates out towards the landing position for the Normandy, a large building is hit by Harbinger's beam, it collapses sideways, blocking the path to the Conduit. Pieces of debris fly off the building, large pieces hitting Primus and Vicky on the chestplate, Thatcher is hit in his upper leg, pinning him to the ground for a moment. Just a small sliver would be able to be bypassed by a few men. Greene turns back to the marines, yelling. 

/event Harbinger places his sights on Itsuko and Petrov, as they run side by side. He fires a single beam directly at them, Petrov barely catches glimpse, and attempts to save Itsuko, yet it was no prevail. Itsuko and Petrov are both incinerated, leaving nothing behind.

/event Greene and Shepard continue towards the Conduit. They run nearly side by side before a close beam from Harbinger knocks them over, as they stand, Harbinger locks onto them, and fires a beam directly at them. They jump in opposite directions, yet are knocked unconscious from the blast. After a few minutes, anyone else who had followed would be annihilated by Harbinger. Shepard slowly wakes up, he staggers towards the Conduit, only armed with his carnifex. He takes out a marauder blocking the path, and advances towards the Conduit, just as Greene awakens. As Greene slowly stumbles to his feet, Shepard beams up the conduit. Greene's armor would be almost entirely destroyed, in a similar fashion to Shepard's condition. He then slowly continues to the Conduit, beaming up just a few minutes after Shepard. 

/event Greene would be teleported inside a dark hallway inside the Citadel, he would be thrown down onto the ground, and it would take him several moments to stand to his feet. As he looks forward, the hallway would be filled with the dead, blood and guts would cover the ground in front of him, as two Keepers walk past him, seeming to not care for the situation. Greene would hear echos of Shepard and Anderson ahead of him, he would slowly move towards the sounds. As he reaches them, he would find himself in a large open room. He would see Shepard on the opposite side of the room, with Anderson leaning against a console, bleeding out. Greene appears behind a man in a black suit, Shepard's eyes zip to the sight of Greene, before he looks back to the man in the suit. Shepard speaks, and in the midst of his conversation, he says 'Illusive Man'. Greene's eyes widen, as he looks towards the Illusive Man, watching him raise his pistol at Shepard, Greene quickly raises his predator, firing a round into the side of the Illusive Man's head, killing him.

/event Greene would slowly inch forward, moving towards Anderson, both him and Shepard assist him. Shepard activates the Cataylst, and moves where Greene and Anderson sit. They all sit back, they all look out towards the Citadel. All of their injuries would be near fatal. They idly speak, before Anderson speaks up. "I'm proud of you, you've done it." his head drops, and Shepard looks towards him. "Anderson?" shortly after, Greene closes his eyes, his head drops as well. Admiral Hackett's voice comes over through Shepard's radio, instructing him that the Catalyst isn't firing. He slowly crawls forward, reaching for the console, yet he drops to the floor, closing his eyes. 

/event Both Greene and Shepard wake up on top of the Catalyst. A odd image appears before them. Shepard would see a small child, while Greene would see a man resembling Banner. It would speak to them, telling them the details of the Catalyst, how it operates and how to activate it. It tells them of the history of the Reapers, what began the cycles and that there will be no end to them. It gives them three options. To destroy the Reapers, to control the Reapers, or to merge all organic life with synthetic life, effectively giving the Reaper's their goal, allowing them to stop the harvest. Shepard turns to Greene, telling him that he must go back, and there is no reason for two men to die here. Greene insists to stay, yet sees Shepard's reasoning. They discuss for a few moments what would be best for the galaxy. Greene nods towards Shepard, placing his hand on his shoulder once they reached a quick agreement. Greene is slowly teleported back down onto the Citadel. 

/event A huge red shockwave explodes from the Catalyst, it travels quickly, faster then FTL. The shockwave would instantly kill Reapers upon contact, including ground forces. The shockwave travels towards the Mass Relays, causing several to explode, yet a majority of Mass Relays are able to survive the power of the Catalyst. Mass Relays fire the concentrated force of the Cataylst to other Mass Relays, effectively sending the shock of the Catalyst to all corners of the galaxy. After five minutes, the Catalyst would have reached every spot in the galaxy. Reapers come crashing down from the orbit of Earth, those standing on the surface would collapse. Husks, marauders, cannibals, and all infantry forces would incinerate upon contact of the blast. It would take several minutes before the dust and ash settles. The Reapers have been destroyed.

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