Kreg Luther's Personal Terminal Entries

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Kreg Luther's Personal Terminal Entries

Post by HereticsEnd on Thu Aug 18, 2016 12:31 am


>//DATE: MAY 15, 2186
**Begining Video Playback**

*The video starts, no static or feedback emitted from the camera. It would seem to be recorded from a terminal, much like the one you're using right now you little shit. You'd see Kreg in front of the terminal, clear as day as he got himself ready. A wide smile would be on his face as an Asari begins to approach him from behind. "Well.. uh... Video Log. May Fifteenth, Twenty One Eighty Six. I'm here on Thessia on a trip with Siax-..." he'd be cut off as a slight blue aura is noticeable forming around the camera. It'd then begin to float into the air, slowly. Kreg looks around, and then back to Siaxa as she uses her biotics to mess with the terminal. "Yo! Come on! Relax! This thing is new!" he says in a cheerful and worried manner, swatting his hand at her and trying to grasp at the terminal at the same time. Siaxa would be behind him, laughing quietly at his struggles. Eventually the aura goes away as Kreg puts the terminal back down on the table. Siaxa kneels down behind Kreg, looking at the camera and the terminal. "Heh... you're taking video records? You're such a weirdo." she says with a laugh, rummaging his hair before walking off. "Hey!" he exclaims to her, trying to get his hair back in order. "I'll be right back!" she says to him as she walks out of view. He'd have a noticeable blush to his cheeks as he looked back to the camera. He seems ten times more happier than what he is now.

**He'd look off camera, seemingly watching as she walks off and caught in some sort of a trance. His head then shakes as he snaps out of it, looking back to the camera with a smile. "Heh... sorry, erm-... Wait, this is my video recording. Fuck am I saying so-.. Fuck it. Anyway, I'm on Thessia with Siaxa here. Actually first time here, to be honest. Ehm... Yeah, so I got to see the Temple of the Goddess. Or whatever it's called." he says, beginning to pick up the terminal and raise it above his head, turning it around to show the beautiful skyline. From the feed, you'd see that he's in a peaceful and settling park with flourished trees and plants of all shades and colors. "Beautiful place. I can't argue with it being the Crown Jewel of the Galaxy."

"I could go on and on about how beautiful this place is. I mean, if I ever grow some balls, I'll probably ask Siaxa out here someday. I mean, you... me... already know how stunning she is. Whenever you look back on this video, make damn sure you're at least dating her. Because me, right now, I don't have the cahones. But in any case, this is a journal. So memories. Already said the Temple... we went to see a few museums. Historical monuments. And seeing as we're both in military service, we got to see some of the military bases... which are fucking phenomenal. Like, beautiful. I fucking love Asari architecture."

**Kreg looks upwards as a Skycar begins to pass over the camera, still maintaining a hearty smile as he looks around. "Do yourself a favor and come back here." he says before redirecting his attention back to the camera. "Hold on. I'm gonna switch over to my omni-camera."

**The feed pauses for a moment before continuing. The quality is somewhat lower, but it's still good. "Alright. Better angle of all this" he says, chuckling as he begins to fold up his terminal and walks off with the camera in tow. You'd now get a wider screen and picture of the high rises surrounding the park, the unique Asari architecture plain to see. Siaxa appears out of the corner of the feed, rolling her head back as she sees the camera. She'd say something to herself, though it's somewhat hard to hear due to her distance. She looks back down, staring at Kreg. "What? I'm not gonna be holding my terminal in my face while I'm walking down the street. I represent humanity in a big way here, Missy. Can you imagine seeing some autistic Alliance dumbass holding a big laptop in front of them as they walk down the sidewalk? Nu uh." he says, laughing after. You'd notice that her voice was somewhat vocoded and her left eye was bionic. "You're an idiot.." she says, laughing at the same time as she smacks him in the shoulder.

**She'd move next to Kreg as they begin to walk together, Siaxa turning back to extend her tongue out at the camera in a playful manner. "So, where are we going?" Kreg inquires, looking to Siaxa as they approach the edge of the park and arrive onto a busy street. "Embassy. Get your documentation and all that filled out." Kreg nods in acknowledgement, turning back to the camera. "Alright. I think that'll be all for this. Don't forget!" he says, pointing at the camera. Siaxa looks over, raising an eyebrow. "Don't forget wha-.."



>//DATE: MAY 23, 2187
**Begining Video Playback**

"Viper Two Seven, comms check." A sudden buzz awakens the silent room of the Kodiak's passenger bay, Alliance Marines knocking their heads back forward as the element lead stands up and moves through the middle of the fuselage. One by one, the Marines raise their thumbs skywards, acknowledging the standard procedure for the radios. The camera would seemingly be attached to one of the marine's shoulder mounts, LUTHER K visible in the top right hand corner with a diagram of his armor status visible on the left side. Racking of weapons can be heard on the left and right sides of the screen, the Marines beginning to stand up with their Gunnery Chief as they get their armor and weapons situated. "Alright, ladies and genitals. Listen up." the Gunnery Chief says with a rather deep, Baritone leveled, Bostonian accent. The camera moves forward as Marines gather around the Gunnery Chief in a circle, setting their full attention on the man with the navy blue beret.

"You fucks ready?" he says in a rather rhetorical manner to the men standing around him, pivoting on the ball of his heel as he looks at each one through their masks. A resounding "Hooah!" echoes throughout the bay, some nodding their heads in affirmation. He repeats the question in a slightly more aggressive manner, a louder "HOOAH!" heard from the Marines surrounding him, some even going on to smack their chests. The real green marines. "Fucking right. Fuck silent and deadly. We're heading into the Batarian shitstorm. And trust me, this may get chaotic. The plans that we've gone over and over for months? Won't matter for shit as soon as we step off this bird." he says, looking around to the Marines. "You're gonna have to make a hundred different decisions in the blink of an eye, and for some there may be no right answer. But if you have to act, you will fucking do so. This isn't friendly territory. This is the fucking wild west. We are here for a reason, and the enemy will know that fucking reason at the fucking moment we make contact." He turns towards the direction of the cockpit, beginning to interact with the display screen located on the wall panel.

"We'll be landing twelve klicks from our objective to the South-East. En-route to, we'll need to clear building complex fifteen, twenty and twelve." His hand motions towards the noted buildings, circling them with his finger as the screen lights it up. "Bravo Company will be Are-Veeing with us for the main push on the compound here... Five klicks due North. They'll be mopping up what Anti-Air defenses the OpFor has enroute to the are-vee point. All goes to plan, Gunship support will be on station ready to assist. Callsign, Venom. Standard ROE, if they shoot first, return the favor. Any questions?" The Marines remain quiet, hinting at the answer to the question. The Gunnery Chief nods in acknowledgement, bashing the console and closing it down and clapping his hands. "Alright. Five minutes to touchdown." A hand moves up to cover the view of the camera before it goes out.

**Feed Fast Forward**

The fuselage begins to rumble as the Kodiak begins to break atmo, one of the Marines looking around and audibly saying "Leave it to the lowest bidder..." before reaching up to grab a support beam for good measure. A few chuckles are heard around him, a fellow marine smacking the chestplate of the one who made the remark. "What's the matter, Buckins? First time in a flying coffin?" Buckins, still holding onto the overhead support, brings up his other hand and raises a middle finger to the marine. "Fuck yourself, Adams." Adams is quick to respond, rocking back and forth to the shaking of the Kodiak. "I'm tired from fuckin' your sister." In response, Buckins looks up to him and snaps back. "How's your motha'?" His frustration and Irish accent becoming more apparent. "She's good. Tired from fuckin' my father." Adams retorts, taking a step forward to Buckins. The latter then stands up to face him, a few marines beginning to hype it up with 'Ooooh's. The Gunnery Chief yells over to the two, his voice deep and intimidating. "Enough with the fuckin' shit! Stroke each others dicks when we get back."

Laughs echo around the fuselage, eventually calming down as the two separate. The Marine next to Luther nudges him in the shoulder, the camera subtly pivoting. "Those two get into it as much as two monkeys over a banana. They're tight, though." Luther chuckles as he shoulders the stock of the weapon, aiming it downwards as he checks the sight. "Least I don't have to worry about them shooting each other." The door to the cockpit opens up, a voice yelling over the radio "Thirty seconds!", gale winds and rain smacking up against the windshield of the Kodiak as it descends towards the ground. The bay doors open up as wind and rain shoot into the fuselage of the Kodiak, the ground now visible as lightning cracks through the air every few moments. The interior is given a thin coat of liquid with each passing second, a nice shine reflecting from it as the interior light flashes down. Luther stands up from the seat and is the first to the door, another marine standing on the opposite side of the same door as he scans the area below with a Vindicator. The ground comes closer and closer as Luther prepares to jump out, a counting heard over the comms before he does this. "Three. Two... One. File out. Move move move!" is heard from the Gunnery Chief as the Marines begin to quickly exit the Kodiak, another ship dropping down a few seconds later about fifty feet away as an extra squad follows suit. "Set up security! Let's go!" is heard being screamed from one of the other NCOs from the other squad, the 'wurwurwurwur' sound from the Kodiaks filling the audio.

"Viper Element is on the ground at El-Zed Bravo." Luther gets to a kneeling position with his weapon up and scanning the area around him, a Mattock with a Heavy Barrel and Thermal Scope. The reverberating sound of the Kodiaks begin to fade away as they shoot back up into the sky, leaving only the ambience of boots in the mud, the heavy rainfall and lightning strikes. The feed cuts out as the unit begins to move over the rocky terrain.

**Corrupt Feed! Validating File...**
**Validating Video File...**
**File Recovered. Resuming...**

"...-over the radio. All Viper Elements. All Viper Elements, Viper Two Seven. We're taking small arms fire from the South-East corner building of Complex Fifteen. Multiple hostile contacts spotted. Over." A botched sentence is heard from Luther as the feed comes back to life, followed by a radio transmission as the whizzing of rounds can be heard flying over the position from enemy gunfire. A long time-lapse seems to have gone by as it is no longer storming, instead being replaced by the rays of sunshine from a slightly overcast sky. Luther gets low into a hunched position as he begins to move, the mound next to him giving cover to the incoming rounds. "Yo, we have any fire support available? Mortars?" he says as he gets to a crouch next to the radio operator. The man looks to him, shaking his head with a cutting motion from his hand against his neck. "Civilians. Can't risk it." A subtle "Fucking..." is heard from Kreg as he turns to face the mound, getting his Mattock up and scanning the accumulation of red and brown huts.


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Re: Kreg Luther's Personal Terminal Entries

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Re: Kreg Luther's Personal Terminal Entries

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Re: Kreg Luther's Personal Terminal Entries

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Re: Kreg Luther's Personal Terminal Entries

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