Reaper War Casualties

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Reaper War Casualties

Post by Scout on Tue Aug 16, 2016 3:15 pm

Pfc Thax Vulak was killed March 10th, at 8:51 PM on the Batarian planet of Amek. He was killed by a Sovereign class Reaper that fired a beam over a bunker the 2nd MSRC was in, causing the roof to collapse and land ontop of him, crushing him instantly.

Pfc Vladimir LeRouche was killed March 12th, at 10:02 AM in Chicago. LeRouche was running towards evac with the 2nd MSRC when he was hit by a Reaper beam, and was killed instantly. Zervaria was nearly paralyzed from the shock and fear of the sight of his death.

SvC Rachel Elizabeth was killed March 20th, at 11:43 PM in London. Elizabeth had just finished securing a comms link to help a group of marines who were evacuating citizens underground, when a Banshee teleported behind her and impaled her through the chest. She died minutes after in Flynt Thatcher's arms. HM2 Kyle Vernon had nearly broken down at the hopelessness of the medical situation.

HM Callistius Zervaria was killed March 24th, at 6:36 PM in Nebraska. Zervaria was attempting to escape a facility with the 2nd MSRC as it collapsed from a Reaper attack, however, she was shot a dozen times in the chest, and died an hour later in a Kodiak.

Pv2 Ryan Birch and Pv2 Alex Foster were both killed March 29th, at 12:10 PM in Chicago. Birch and Foster were dragged away from the trenches of Chicago by husks, and were impaled on Dragon's Teeth. They were both turned into husks, and later were killed by the 2nd MSRC.

Pv2 Viella Marshall was killed Apirl 10th, at 3:34 PM in Berlin. As the company was evacing from their objective, a reaper fired it's beam into Marshall, vaporizing her instantly and leaving no trace of her behind. 

Pv2 Hart Hockins was killed May 19th, at 1:01 AM in Chicago. Hockins was hit by a Ravager's, the powerful cannon ripped Hockins in half and killed him instantly.

Pfc Reed Beckham was killed June 6th, at 4:40 PM in Rome. Beckham had landed with the 2nd MSRC in an objective to secure a Engineering company for work on the Catalyst, yet he was hit by a Destroyer class Reaper, vaporizing him on the spot. Victoria Morello and Uriel Vertanos screamed at the sight of his death.

Pfc Winfred Nosins was killed June 6th, at 5:22 PM in Rome. Nosins was assisting Greene and 1stLT Hewitt in lining up a shot to take out a Destroyer class Reaper, yet the Reaper had targeted their position and fired a beam directly at them. Hewitt and Greene were able to jump off the building and barely escape death, yet Nosins was not quick enough, and was hit by the beam.

Pfc Nathaniel Graves was killed June 6th, at 5:45 PM in Rome. Graves was escaping with the 2nd MSRC and the 33rd Engineering corps after their objective was complete, however, the Destroyer class Reaper that was temporarily disabled re-enabled, and while it was standing back up, it crushed Graves under it's massive leg. Leaving no trace of him behind.

Pfc Hyeon Yung was killed June 20th, at 3:15 PM in New York. Yung was picked up in a Collector assault, and was carried off. He was dropped off the cliff side into rocks at the bottom of the river, he was killed instantly on impact.

SvC Jason Kelce was killed June 20th, at 3:22 PM in New York. Jason Kelce was impaled by a Praetorian controlled by Harbinger, and then tossed to the side. After the Praetorian was defeated, Jason Kelce died minutes after. He was surrounded by his friends and fellow marines upon his death.

Pfc Rodrigues Cardozo was killed June 20th, at 5:32 PM in New York. Cardozo was moving with the 2nd MSRC along the hillside when a Collector sniper pinned him through his chest, the round penetrated his armor and ripped his heart open, he died moments after. He died in the arms of Greene. 

Pfc Zendrick Edwards was killed October 2nd, at 11:10 AM in Montana. Edwards was killed by a Roran Palorn, a Salarian STG member when Edwards threatened the state of the unit. He was shot through the head, and was killed instantly. 

Pfc Francis Martinez was killed October 20th, at 2:50 PM in Montana. Martinez was killed by a Cerberus operative under the name of Specialist O'Donovan, who cleanly decapitated Martinez by his biotic whip.

Dr Fredrick Matkovich and Dr Seara T'Dasan were both killed November 12th, at 8:43 PM onboard the SSV Constantinople. The Constantinople was invaded by Reaper forces, and they was killed by a blast that occurred in the Research Lab. Doctor Matkovich died in the company of Greene, Thatcher and Victoria Morello. They were the only ones to hear his last words. Doctor T'Dasan died instantly from the explosion.

SvC Floyd Kelce was killed Janurary 3rd, at an unknown time in Texas. He was found dead with the 76th Texas Guard, where he died fighting in the defense of the region.

HN Dren Meros was killed Janurary 20th, at 7:22 PM in Maine. He was indoctrinated by Reaper forces, and attempted to kill HN Anne Itsuko. Itsuko was forced to kill him, he was shot through the head and died instantly from the round.

CWO Akiro Sakagami was killed February 3rd, at 6:41 PM in the Battle of London. At the landing zone, he took off in the Kodiak, when a Harvester landed ontop of the Kodiak and forced it to the ground, he died in the crash.

Pfc Lason Dhamo was killed February 3rd, at 6:42 PM in the Battle of London. At the landing zone, he was targetted by a Banshee, who impaled him through the chest and then crushed his skull, killing him instantly. 

Pfc Jack O'Riley was killed February 3rd, at 6:45 PM in the Battle of London. At the landing zone, he was picked up by a brute and ripped in half, the brute smashed both halfs of him into the ground, leaving nothing of O'Riley  behind.

HMC Uriel Vertanos was killed February 3rd, at 7:25 PM in the Battle of London. After evacuating marines and on their way back to the FOB, a huge horde of husks were chasing the 2nd MSRC and would be led directly to the FOB. Uriel sacrificed himself, and stayed behind to buy the 2nd MSRC enough time to mount the defenses. He charged into the crowd, taking out as many as he could before being swarmed over. He died fighting for the men and women he loved. He died for Earth.

SvC Nade Ester was killed February 3rd, at 8:14 PM in the Battle of London. The 2nd MSRC had an objective to destroy a Hades Cannon, Ester was with Greene and the others, preparing to fire a Cain into the Hades Cannon, when a brute climbed up the building and tore down the floor. Everyone was tossed outside, this is where Ester was picked up by the brute and smashed into a wall a dozen times before the brute was killed. There was nothing left of Ester. His death sent shockwaves through the group, he died fighting, and will not be forgotten.

Cpl Sam Chevalier was killed February 3rd, at 8:18 PM in the Battle of London. The 2nd MSRC had continued to move to take out the Hades Cannon, and found a vantage point in a broken down car garage. Chevalier had to hold the staircase with several other marines, using his biotics - Chevalier was able to hold it until marauders charged up the staircase. They fired a dozen rounds into Chevalier, they tore open his shielding and instantly killed him. He died in the company of his marines, and he died as he wanted, fighting for Earth.

Pfc Juan Leetsi was killed February 3rd, at 8:22 PM in the Battle of London. During evacuation from the Hades site, his ankle was grabbed by a husks, and he was dragged to the ground where seemingly hundreds of other husks fell ontop of him, ripping him to pieces. There was nothing left of Leetsi.

Pfc Brandon Doyle was killed February 3rd, at 9:02 PM in the Battle of London, during the run to the conduit. A dozen husks came from a flanking position and tackled Doyle, they ripped him to pieces almost instantly.

Pfc Jennifer Mitchner was killed February 3rd, at 9:03 PM in the Battle of London, during the run to the conduit. A Ravager took aim at Mitchner, and hit her directly in the chest with it's powerful cannon while she was running forward. The round tore her chest open, and forced her to the ground, she bled out minutes afterwards.

HM3 Anne Itsuko and Cpl Iona Petrov were killed February 3rd, at 9:04 PM in the Battle of London, during the run to the Conduit. They were running side by side towards the Conduit, before being targeted by Harbinger. Harbinger fired his beam directly at the two. With Petrov's last effort, he attempted to save Itsuko's life, but he was not quick enough. They died together, instantly vaporized by Harbinger. 

Those who died in this conflict were heroes. They fought not only for themselves, but for the galaxy. Their names will never be forgotten, as the galaxy now rebuilds and attempts to return to their normal way of life, and move on from the Reapers, these names will be cherished to all. Every man, woman, and child who is alive now look to these individuals as a reminders of why they are granted the blessing of life to this very day. 

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