Anne Itsuko's Datapad

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Anne Itsuko's Datapad

Post by Sargo922 on Sun Aug 14, 2016 5:10 pm

If you are reading this Datapad, you have either found it ICly or Itsuko has given it to you for you to read.

Itsuko's Final Entry

"I don't know if I'm going to survive London, I don't, and I know some people would think that it would be bad Karma to write out your final notes before a great battle. However I want to write this, incase I don't end up making it.

My time aboard the Constantinople, and being apart of the 2nd MSRC has been one of the greatest times of my life, in such a short time I have met great friends, fought epic enemies, and stood side-by-side against people you read about in the history books. Soldiers like Iona Petrov, Nade Ester, Flynt Thatcher, Victoria Morello, Leaders like Adande Greene, Genos Primus...You think you'd only ever see them in a history book, never getting the chance to fight alongside them, but I'm happy to say that I got that chance, to be one of the people in those stories that people will tell their children and grand children.

And not everyone here was apart of the unit, we had warriors come by like Urdnot Krux, a proud and strong Krogan, Invictus, a Geth who fought alongside us for much of this war, We even have an awakened Collector who, despite my previous reservations about him, has proven to be a strong and capable member of the crew.

Being a Corpsman in this unit has not been easy, at times I end up being the last one to interact with many friends that would soon succumb to their injuries, and that took it's toll on me, sometimes when I'd see friends thrown around by Reapers or blasted down by Cerberus, I always prayed to whatever divine powers were out there that I could save them, and in most instances I could.

The hardest thing about being in this unit was not the combat, not the medical activity, not the relationships and silliness that made our crew the family it was; the hardest thing to deal with was the loss, our unit was in every sense of the word, a family, and every soldier that died was like having a member of your family ripped away...The hardest thing for me to deal with was the death of Dren Meros...the indoctrinated Salarian that had attacked me while I was operating...I acted on instinct and killed someone, who moments before had been a member of our crew, of our family.

Losing people is always hard in the military, but when you are the one responsible for the loss of that person, it takes a greater toll. Three soldiers, three comrades, three friends, lost their lives because I acted, either by choice or by instinct. Two were deaths of mercy, but the fact that one was my commanding officer, and the other was, at the time, my loved one, made it all the worse in the eyes of everyone else. It took time for me to regain the trust I had lost amongst the Vanguard's crew, but I think they forgave me afterwards.

Meros was a different story, nobody judged me, nobody attacked me or hated me for what I did. They all instead supported me for what I did and never shunned me.

The Constantinople, and the 2nd MSRC has been an experience I will never forget, and always be happy to have been apart of, despite the occasional goofy and silly moments that made us a family.

If I don't make it...You guys have been one of the best moments of my life, and I thank you for giving me that experience and journey, and that I will always remember you, past and present.

Sincerly, Anne Terra Itsuko, HM3."


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