2ndLt Travis Kelce [Retired]

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2ndLt Travis Kelce [Retired]

Post by Peppuh on Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:03 pm

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Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Unit Name: Travis Kelce
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: Operations Chief

Physical Appearance: I'll get it later

Unit Vocals:


Marine General Information.

Unit training: Basic Training, OCS  
Unit Assignment: 2nd Marine Reconnaissance Company, 103rd Marine Division
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post: Austin, Texas as Governor of Texas. Shanxi as leader of "Earth's Finest."
Unit MOS: Rifleman

Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Systems Alliance, Humanity
Listed Liked Factions: Systems Alliance, Humanity
Listed Disliked Factions: Asari, Quarian, Krogan, Drell, Turian, Hanar, Vorcha, Volus, Batarian
Listed Neutral Factions: N/A
Hostile Factions: Collectors

Unit Personnel Relationships.

Adande Greene: I've been with the Commander since the beginning and I'll be with him til the end. Adande and I are the kind of duo to walk into Hell, punch the Devil in the gut, and walk out laughing. I couldn't ask for a greater friend in the whole galaxy universe.

Flynt Thatcher: Flynt is one of the few men that has been here since the beginning. We've been through thick and thin, alcoholism and fights, desertion and retribution. We've been through it all. I was upset with him over him leaving the marines but he damn well made it up after the Krux incident. It's back to Thatcher and I against the world. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.


SvC Nade Ester: Ester is one alien lovin' S.O.B. Everytime I say something about aliens, he's got some stupid remark ready like "Not all aliens" or "Only a radical minority are like that." Ester needs to learn that his own people come first. He's also got a lot of nerve. He okayed Invictus assaulting me and suffered no consequences until I took matters into my own hands. I didn't get to hit him before Krux showed up but at least I got to bag him and hog tie him. He's lucky that he's a human.

GyC Victoria Greene: Victoria's got this bizzare idea that I hate aliens, women, and alien women. I don't want to waste my breath explaining how I put humanity first just to be accused of being a racist by someone with such an annoying voice. Victoria became a bumbling baby there for a while when we thought Adande was dead and she wants me to change. To Hell with that.

Alcae Kurius: Right off the bat, this chick didn't like me. She thinks I blamed her for what happened on Noveria. What kind of fool do you have to be to think that? The worst thing about her is she's trying to change me. She's been here a couple of weeks or so and she thinks that I have to adapt to her. Hell no. If you're new, you assimilate into what's already established. She even picked a fight with me and I had a helluva great time kicking her ass. I walk away with a scratch on my chin and she limped away with a broken face. A good trade if you ask me.



Kreg Luther: The military is a place where you take orders from superior officers. Kreg damn well knew that coming into service, yet he chooses to be a rebel without a cause. Luther has a problem with authority and gets a free pass to do so from Victoria but I guess that's the way they do things now. Everyone's gotta be special, everyone's gotta get a participation award. I was mad at him before for hating humanity and loving various alien species but I had a revelation. His kids won't look like him. When he settles down and has kids, they won't look him. I think that's punishment enough.


Unit History.
Travis Kelce was born on the Kelce Ranch in Heaven, Texas in 2139. He lived a normal life, learning a lot from his father, the kind of stuff that would make him the man he was today. Travis had just turned 18 when the Turians attacked Humanity. He enlisted in the Marines before his glass of sweet tea hit the ground. A young Travis hit the ground on Shanxi to flush the Turians out along with the rest of the Systems Alliance. The amount of Turians that Travis killed is between 36 to 76 by modern estimates but these numbers fail to account for what he did just outside Shanxi City. 17 Turians surrendered to Kelce's unit and Kelce was assigned to escort them to a POW camp. The Turians never made it to the camp. After the First Contact War, Kelce was assigned back to Texas. Kelce would spend many years in the 76th Texas Guard. With nothing to do, Kelce began to take night classes at Texas A&M.
With a degree in Marine Biology, Kelce enlisted in OCS. In 2175, Kelce became a 2nd Lieutenant. He spent about a year aboard the SSV Alamo before going on shore leave on Elysium. Elysium is where he would make his stand against Batarian Pirates, hungover and half naked. Kelce and men from his unit would hold out until reinforcements arrived. Kelce would continue on for two years aboard the SSV Alamo before he was presented with the oppurtunity to strike back at those responsible for the Skyllian Blitz. Kelce would lead the Raid on Torfun. He lost a lot of men that day but he made damn sure that no slavers escaped that day. Kelce would continue operations against piracy and other illegal activities as a part of a special unit. He was ruthless with aliens, resulting in little to no survivors. He was more lenient with humans. These operations are what caught the attention of the Alliance for special assignment. After years of anti-piracy operations, Kelce recieved word of a special unit being formed, under the command of Adande Greene.
(More to be added.)

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Re: 2ndLt Travis Kelce [Retired]

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