As the races come together, A new leader is born, The first Volus Spectre.

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As the races come together, A new leader is born, The first Volus Spectre.

Post by Kravis on Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:57 am

(The following events are true through IC and OOC means, Witnesses: Mia, Tommy, Scout. Kravis.)

News has been spreading through the galaxy about those who will lead their species fleets in the fight for Earth and many have contributed to the cause. Several noticeable candidates being Admiral Hackett of the Human Alliance, Primarch Victus of the Turian Hierarchy and the Geth known as 'Invictus'. However, Out of all these races, One stands out in particular, According to a new story surfacing. The Council has inducted a Spectre into the ranks of the Galactic peacekeeping force, And it is a big surprise as well.

Ozan Kus, a Volus sentinel, was the survivor of a devastating attack on Tuchunka. He was reported saying that he was being escorted by a team of Turian guards alongside two of his friends when they were shot down on Tuchunka, Kus and his men were suppose to be a engineering team sent to disable a station that Cerberus was able to secure a hold of. The following events that transpired were taken from a interview we were able to snag with Kus himself.

"When we came to, we found our guards dead, and we heard the footsteps coming, We knew it was the possible end for us. But Sergeant Polus Po, A friend of mine, rallied us together in order to stay alive and accomplish our task. With myself and Tul Kozo, We took up our dead, turian friend's weapons and met the challenge head on. Early on, I suppose Cerberus as in disbelief to be losing men to people such as ourselves, But we persevered. We managed to take down the station and disable the guns, It was there that we were able to contact a shuttle to come pick us up, Unfortunately, They said the nearest shuttle wouldn't be there for another fifteen minutes, Me and my friends held the line bravely against the Cerberus threat, However, When the shuttle nearly arrived, We were swarmed and we had to fallback to regain our footing...In the fighting..I turned to my side and saw my friend, Tul Kozo, being killed by a Phantom, And had to watch in horror as his suit exploded, and he was killed in the process...Me and Polus Po ran for the shuttle and tried to leave, But when I looked back. I saw him go down. I ran to help him. But he yelled for me "Leave, Ozan! Leave me behind..Remember us, my friend!" I turned and ran as fast as I could, faster than I had ever run and left in the shuttle, Polus bravely detonated his suit, and killed every last soldier that attempted to gun him down..And now, I stand here, proud to be representing my people in the coming war..But I will not forget the two who died alongside me.."

Ozan Kus could not be reached for a follow up interview as he was leaving to speak to the Council about his people's military and fleets.


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