2nd MSRC War Assets

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2nd MSRC War Assets

Post by Scout on Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:25 am

With Shepard and Hackett in charge of organizing the fleets to retake Earth, Anderson and Greene have been tasked with organizing the ground forces already on Earth.

These assets have been categorized.

* = This war asset was obtained by the 2nd MSRC directly.

Alien Assets

Leviathan Enthrallment Team

A mixed-species team of special-operations soldiers have volunteered to covertly deliver Leviathan artifacts behind enemy lines. These attacks aim to make Reaper creatures thralls of the Leviathans. On a small scale, this could cause chaos and disruption. On a large scale--and if given enough time--it could form an army of Reaper creatures dedicated to exterminating their own kind. The team's major limiting factors are the small number of artifacts and the reluctance of Alliance commanders to operate openly with such a potent weapon for fear the Reapers might develop a countermeasure.

Earth Terminus Forces*

Jen'Rejah vas Omega has successfully gathered a following of mercenaries, made from personal contacts. While the band is currently only around one hundred members, it has potential to grow.


Jen’Rejah has informed the 2nd MSRC that she will be moving her forces to London to help fortify the London tunnel, as well as speak on how to improve her force’s numbers.

Awoken Collector *

A Collector saved Commander Greene and Service Chief Morello while the 2nd MSRC were leaving Maine. The Collector was a very unpopular sight among the crew, yet it showed no hostilities whatsoever. It has proven itself a more than capable fighter, having killed many Reaper infantry forces. It has displayed a biotic force that is unfamiliar and seems entirely different from the biotics that other races deployed.


Greene has been able to communicate with the Collector, as it speaks through written Prothean symbols. Greene has discovered that it has a passion to not only fight against the Reapers, but to revenge a fallen empire it once belonged to. The Collector has a name that it remembers. Pydh.

Uriel Vertanos

Uriel Vertanos is a Drell veteran vanguard, his abilities are extremly powerful and rare to come across. He has the ability to single-handingly shift the tide of a battle through his tactical knowledge, raw strength, speed, and biotic skill. Uriel has proven to not only be a capable soldier, but a leader as well. He has used his abilities to save the 2nd MSRC on numerous occassions, and continues to do so. He is apart of Greene's crew, and now awaits for the battle of London.

Alliance Assets

N7 Special Ops Teams

No species can remain neutral during the Reaper conflict. Allied forces are recruiting anyone, soldier or mercenary, smart, fast, and tough enough to survive galactic war. The most experienced operatives form squads to secure objectives, evacuate civilians, and battle Cerberus or the Reapers deep in enemy territory. Initially led by N7 Alliance marines, these squads have been nicknamed the N7 Special Ops. In light of these teams' exemplary service and remarkable bravery, the Alliance has allowed this unofficial name to spread across the ranks as a sign of respect for their efforts.

77th Alliance Air Wing *

The 77th Alliance Air Wing is one of the largest collections of atmospheric fighters on Earth. Saved by the 2nd MSRC in June of 2186 by Reaper Forces, the 77th have been able to successfully operate. The 2nd MSRC bought the 77th enough time to evacuate all of their fighters to a new location when the hanger base was destroyed by Reaper forces later that month. Now, the 77th operate out of dozens of locations, spreading their forces to not concentrate themselves all in one area.

Alliance Frigate Constantinople SR-2 *

When the original SSV Constantinople was nearly destroyed, Greene and the 2nd MSRC personally made the funds to not only repair it, but upgrade it far beyond it’s original capabilities. Dubbed the SR-2, the Alliance then took the new Constantinople apart and refitted some of its systems with new technology of its own. As a result, the SR-2 Constantinople is the one of the highest-performing frigates in the entire Alliance navy only next to the Normandy, and possibly the fastest ship in its class. The Constantinople is commanded by Greene, an Alliance officer and humanity's second Spectre.

To bolster the Constantinople's firepower, Commander Greene installed a Thanix Magneto-Hydrodynamic Cannon on the ship's undercarriage. Based on Reaper technology, the powerful weapon fires molten metal accelerated to a fraction of the speed of light, creating a devastating main gun.
Before taking on the Collectors, Commander Greene, with the help of Samuel Mercier, reinforced the Constantinople's superstructure with Silaris armor. This protective layer of carbon nanotube sheeting can withstand temperatures that would instantly vaporize more conventional armor.
The Constantinople has been upgraded with Cyclonic Barrier Technology, allowing the ship's mass effect field projectors to fire rapidly oscillating barriers that deflect rather than directly absorb kinetic shocks.

14th Sapper Corps *

The 14th Sapper Corps is a collection of highly trained combat engineers, capable of assault and explosive capability, with the knowledge of tech to repair and maintain. These men were saved in Rome, Italy, by the 2nd MSRC. Despite only forty of the original surviving, the 14th has grown since then, and now has over one hundred and fifty members.

21st Royal Marines *

The 21st Royal Marines are a collection of marines that trained extensively in London before the invasion. While technically not part of the Alliance, but instead a part of England’s own military, they along with most of Earth’s forces fell under Alliance command. The 21st Royal Marines make up what remains of Europe’s most elite infantry force. They are highly skilled in all forms of combat, and are extremely familiar with London itself, making them a huge asset. The 21st were pulled from the field by Greene and the 2nd MSCR in December 2186. They have since re-located themselves to the London Tunnel, helping secure the route and ultimately preparing to take back their homes and their planet.

2ndLt Jennifer Hawkins *

[Image Corrupt, rebuilding.]

Jennifer Hawkins is a strong leader and capable soldier. She proved herself early alongside Greene when she served in the 103rd Marine Division, under Greene’s command. Since then, she has moved on to lead her own unit, the 51st Shock Division. These elite troops are trained to strike fast and hard at the enemy, leaving them stunned before they’re able to effectively coordinate an attack back.

OpC Travis Kelce *

[Image Corrupt, rebuilding.]

Travis Kelce is a proven leader and a local legend among humanity. He successfully held a front line in Houston for six months with the 76th Texas Guard. He has now joined Greene and the 2nd MSRC, bringing his leadership and abilities along.

SSV Vanguard’s Crew and Marines *

The SSV Vanguard was a cruiser of well trained Alliance Navy and Marines. They crash landed on the planet of Aite, it was at this time that former member Anne Itsuko asked Commander Greene to recover the crew and marines aboard, if possible. The 2nd MSRC deployed to Aite and successfully saved what was left of the crew and marines, numbering at eighty crew and fifty marines. These forces have joined the 2nd MSRC at the London Tunnel, helping hold the hard point and await for the battle of London.

FltLt Diogo Stolarz *

Flight Lieutenant Diogo Stolarz has proven to be one of the most capable helmsmen in the entire Alliance Navy. He has piloted the Constantinople for two years, and has pulled it out of countless situations. His record is highly impressive, numbering a total of sixty two hostile ships destroyed, along with one Sovereign class Reaper disabled, and destroying one Collector frigate. His skills extend further, as he has proven himself as a capable soldier on the field. Flight Lieutenant Stolarz commands the crew aboard the Constantinople while Greene handles the marines.

76th Texas Guard *

The legendary 76th Texas Guard is another unit that belonged to the United Northern American States, that would soon fall under command of the Alliance. It was at this time that OpC Travis Kelce left the 2nd MSRC to lead the 76th Guard to it’s amazing defensive record. The 76th Texas Guard was withdrawn from Texas by Greene and Travis Kelce, successfully saving one hundred and ninety soldiers.

22nd Mechanized Division *

The 22nd Mechanized Division belonged to the UNAS and helped the 76th Guard hold Houston. Most of their forces and vehicles were lost, but what was left now resides at the London Tunnel.

2nd London Guard *

The 2nd London Guard was extracted along with the 21st Royal Marines. They have proven capable warriors. They currently await at the London Tunnel, securing the backend of it to ensure that forces from London do not take the tunnel from behind.

33rd Mountain Division *

The 33rd Mountain Division is a special collection of soldiers stationed in the Alps in Italy. They are highly trained soldiers, and they were evacuated by Commander Greene and the 2nd MSRC when they landed in Northern Italy. The collection of elite riflemen and marksman now reside at the London Tunnel, helping hold the vital position.

Tomorrow I will be adding more assets that fall under these catergories:


Cerberus Research Data*

Data liberated from a Cerberus research lab includes reports on the composition and strengths of various Reaper units. Alliance scientists are fact-checking the information, but it appears to be genuine, so Alliance military VIs can use it to strategize against the Reapers' ground forces.

Dr. Fredrick Matkovich's Reports and Files*

Doctor Fredick Matkovich was an ex-Cerberus who operated with the 2nd MSRC for months before his unfornate passing. Despite this, his left over files are filled with information on Cerberus hacked information, this information includes Reaper study that according to head Alliance scientist, should be genuine.


Geth Corps

Until recently, the geth expected nothing but violence from organics, and designed themselves accordingly. All geth platforms are armed, shielded, and built to withstand combat. When they're on the battlefield, enemy tactics and positions are swapped instantaneously between the AIs. The geth also employ turrets and drones--"expendable" hardware support to keep losses of networked platforms to a minimum. The result is the largest, and perhaps best equipped, infantry in the galaxy.

Geth Prime Platoon

Geth Primes are built to house more programs than other platforms and operate as mobile networking hubs. Their combat software provides a boost to any geth nearby, coordinating and directing attacks. Since the destruction of a prime unit causes the processing power of other geth to drop, prime hardware platforms are heavily shielded and well-armed.

Invictus’ Forces *

Invictus is a Geth platform that was tasked with ensuring the survival of Commander Greene and aided in the succession in their Rannoch operations. Invictus' files were transferred to a Prime platform upon his death. He now commands one of the largest forces on Earth , 500,000 Geth platforms , thanks to the efforts of Greene and the 2nd MSRC, this massive Geth force is possible.


Mogr Company *

Urdnot Krux was picked up by the 2nd MSRC in November of 2186, and served with them until Janurary of 2187. The 2nd MSRC has given Krux worthy enemies, and Krux left the 2nd MSRC, only swearing to return when he had a force of his own that was equal. Urnot Krux returned to the 2nd MSRC with sixty Krogan, all thirsty for Reaper blood. These Krogan now sit impatiently at the London Tunnel, awaiting for the day to retake London.

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Re: 2nd MSRC War Assets

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