Cpl Thomas Nguyen [Transferred]

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Cpl Thomas Nguyen [Transferred]

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Select Personnel File.

> Thomas Nguyen :: Thomas Nguyen Selected.

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Unit Name: Thomas Nguyen
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: Corporal

Physical Appearance: Nguyen is in good physical health, standing at five feet and eight inches with a lean build. He has brown eyes and dark hair, as well as East Asian (Vietnamese/Kihn) complexion and features. He is in excellent physical shape and meets Alliance standards for physical fitness.

Unit Vocals: Nguyen has been noted to have an unusual, mixed accent that is not entirely discernable. Traces of European as well as Asian vocal influences are noticeable.


Marine General Information.

Unit training:  Basic Training, Alliance Marine Advanced Combat Training, Marine Recon Training Courses, Alliance Marine Marksmanship Courses
Unit Assignment: N/A
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post: 2nd MSRC, 103rd Marine Division (Retired)
Unit MOS: Marksman


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Adande Greene/The Constantinople
Listed Liked Factions: Systems Alliance
Listed Disliked Factions: Cerberus, Mercenaries, Batarians
Listed Neutral Factions: Politicians
Hostile Factions: Reapers, Slavers, Pirates, Cat6

Unit Personnel Relationships.


Victor Nguyen: I figured it'd get better over time, but I don't feel much about you anymore. Just rest where you are, I guess.

Penelope Nguyen: I'm over it now. Wish you hadn't dealt with what you did, but it's in the past now. At least someone's keeping dad company.

Mark Nguyen: You didn't deserve to die like that. You meant a lot to me, even if you never realized it.


Armin Cobar: Never checked in on Paperback. Might do that some day. Probably still working deep cover, or maybe retired.

Genos Primus: I'm not telling him about his brother. I think it was his brother. I don't really care much for the Turians and whether it's Hierarchy or some other government; would've preferred to keep the General alive, though.

Victoria Greene: She's alright. Has her boyfriend back. She's a big hero now, apparently.

Octis Kurius: If he hadn't dropped his gun, I would've killed him right there. Not gonna tell him that, though.

Violeta Lasar: She's....yeah. Nice girl. I guess, something like that.

All Unlisted Personnel


Travis Kelce: Yeah, fuck off.


Adande Greene: All these fucking Spectres really love that 'resurrection' trick they can do. Maybe the Council can grant you extra lives, hell if I know. Doesn't matter now. I work for Greene, not for the Alliance, not for Phazon or Phazton or whoever's funding him. Just don't get ventilated this time. The galaxy needs you.

Nade Ester: Used to tear myself up about you being killed, pounded into dust in front of me. Not so much now, Chief. Got over it, accepted it. If you die again because I fuck up, I'll just have to be better. Not that I'm gonna let that happen. Glad you're here, Ester.

Flynt Thatcher: Haven't seen him around yet, I get the feeling he'll be here, though. Guy's easy to miss when he's trying not to be noticed. He's a better man than he thinks, I figure.

Pydh: Wonder if he ever got rebuilding that Empire - or if he's here. Tried to find out what happened, apparently he up and disappeared. I can't really knock him for that, though. Did the same thing.

Iona Petrov: If I go out with half the balls you had, I'll die happy.

Anne Itsuko: Sleep easy, doc.

Uriel Vertanos: Don't know if I'll ever make it to your level, don't much care either. But you were one of the good ones, you were up there. Sorry about your species.



The Reapers: You killed my father and my brother. My mother's not going to be there when I get home from the war. I can never get back at you enough for the things you've done. You're the only evil in this galaxy.

Negan: I'll pull out your fucking guts one day or I'll die trying. Cat6 or not, ratbag traitors all die the same. I don't give a shit if you're N7 or an Asari Matriarch, or if it's even me that pulls the trigger.

Leo Bromley: I respect Greene more than anybody, but even he wouldn't be able to get me to stop trying to kill you. I'll chase you until you're dead, whether from me, somebody else or when you rot away from age.

Unit History.

Born in 2161 to a Navy Officer and nurse, Thomas was the second child to his parents. Growing up with his older brother Mark, the young child spent his first four years of his life on the colony of Amaterasu. Though he was comfortable there, things changed fairly quickly as his father was assigned to Franklin, the moon of Watson, a recently discovered planet thats colonizing rights were being argued for by the United North American States, the Chinese People's Federation and the European Union. For his service on Franklin, Victor Nguyen would be guaranteed a spot in one of the cities on Watson for him and his family, despite not being from any of the arguing states that would later all get rights as a compromise, thanks to the Rekjavik Compromise. Thomas, his mother and older brother moved to one of the spaceports on Franklin and stayed there with other military families. Growing up around the Alliance Navy, its large impressive ships and the imposing Marines that marched around in metal suits, Thomas became enamoured with the lifestyle. It wasn't until he was around 11 that the gravity of his father's position really hit him. His father had recently promoted to Rear Admiral, though it was only four years after that when he retired from military service and the family did eventually move down to the planet of Watson, being given a place in one of the cities of the European Union.

Thomas had to quickly adapt to his new environment, with there being much more open spaces, all kinds of new people and languages, and a much less strict way of living with far less rules. He adapted quite quickly, making friends and learning how to speak with people of different backgrounds, deciding to try and be less blunt (and sometimes outright offensive) than his father was. This became a little harder once his father joined Terra Firma, an anti-alien political party, and was just thankful that he didn't have any alien classmates that it would bother. Unlike his brother, Thomas did not take well to academia, and struggled all throughout his schooling. He graduated secondary school but didn't have the necessary qualifications to go to college. He tried various odd jobs as a mechanic or in restaurants, but all the while he was simply building himself up to join the military. Eventually he did, following after his brother. Unlike Mark, Thomas was put through basic training and considered a regular Marine, whereas his older brother was moved into OCS for Marine Officer's training. Deciding not to compare himself to his older brother, Thomas powered on through his training, and became proud at the idea of training to be a Marine.

Thomas was considered a typical graduate from training, with above average accuracy but nothing that was considered standout. Still of the idea that he learned better from experience, Nguyen had trouble staying within a certain unit; he was bounced around and transferred a few times in his career before eventually settling in the 49th Marine Battalion. Soon after his transfer, the Battalion was assigned to protect the colony of Eurybia, considered higher risk due to its proximity to the Skyllian Verge while not being as protected as the Verge itself. Nguyen was in for a surprise as he thought guarding a colony would be rather easy. Not long after the Marines had finally settled in, a mixed force of Batarian pirates and slavers assaulted the colony, searching for slaves for profit and for revenge. Panic set in amongst the soldiers of this possibly being a second Blitz. The defenses would have held up, were it not for the actions of Gunnery Chief Leo Bromley. Someone who had been a mentor figure to Thomas, at some point he had been contacted by Batarians and agreed to give them intelligence on the Marines' positions, armament and how to disable various defenses. He had vanished before the assault started, and Alliance Intel is still unsure on his location.

Nguyen did not have long to feel betrayed, his forward position being one of the first to be attacked by the Batarians. His squad was quickly reduced down to just himself and another Marine, who was wounded and barely able to fight. Essentially holding the position single-handedly, Thomas fought off slavers for almost an hour before a reinforcement squad arrived to get him and the wounded man back to a more fortified position. From there, rather than being reassigned to a new squad, Nguyen was utilized by the commanding officer as a messenger and reconnaissance unit, scouting out enemy positions as the Batarians pulled back to consolidate their forces before mounting further assaults. After a day and a half, Eurybia eventually fell to the much greater enemy numbers, but most of the civilians were evacuated along with many of the Marines. After his actions on Eurybia, Thomas was commended by his commanding officer and transferred again - for the fifth time now in his career. Rather than being placed in with more regulars, he was brought to Elysium to partake in training at a specialized military academy, in order to prepare him for Reconnaissance service. Nguyen performed exceptionally in training, finally finding what he was good at, though trying to remain humble and level-headed about it. Reassigned to the 2nd Marine Reconnaissance Company, 103rd Marine Division, Thomas finally felt like he could begin to make a bigger difference in the galaxy.

Nguyen served with the 2nd MSRC for the end of the Reaper War - it was some of the most harrowing and difficult experiences he ever went through, and they changed him as a person. Things didn't get much better not long after it. Having lost a large amount of the friends he'd made on the ship in his new unit, things went from bad to worse as Greene was shot by an intruder; someone Nguyen still thinks he should've helped to check and search. After his death, the crew split off into all manner of directions, some staying within the Alliance while others took their own way.

For Thomas Nguyen, it wasn't long after the Reaper War that he took an extended leave, and only a short while into that leave, decided to officially retire from service within the Alliance Military. Considered to be a hero by many for serving within the 2nd MSRC during the Reaper War and a six-year veteran, Nguyen was given awards just previous to his official retirement status being granted. However, the former soldier didn't stop moving; after the funeral of the rest of his family on Earth, Nguyen moved over to Australia, apparently seeking information on a man there, another former Marine who had served in the 49th, a man named Bromley. Though not much to go on, Thomas apparently followed leads to Elysium, then his own home of Watson and finally back to Eurybia, where he remembered the man most from. Contacting old superiors and pulling favours, Nguyen was only able to learn that Alliance Intelligence suspected him to have retreated to the Terminus.

Rather than try and stay within Council Space to raise money before venturing in, Nguyen decided he would earn as he searched; it would get him contacts anyway. Understanding that his combat ability, especially his marksmanship was his best asset, Thomas decided to become a merc, or 'security contractor'. Though the Blue Suns were known for being gangsters not only a couple years before, they had recently attempted to become more legitimate, even if the seedier elements of their work were still present. Partially accepted out of amusement by the recruitment officer to see if he could last, Thomas made it through their training at some of the highest percentiles. However, he wasn't exactly popular in the Blue Suns, and failed to make any friends, not that he had intended to. He was former Alliance, probably the least popular thing in the mainly Batarian organization, second only to being John Shepard himself.

The same as many contractors, Nguyen got a tattoo of the Blue Suns logo to show he wasn't doing this flippantly; he didn't need to make more enemies, and opted to get it on his right bicep. He served in the Blue Suns for a number of months, his skills as a sniper being further honed as well as a combatant in general. He learned new tricks, generally more sneaky and under-handed ones, to deal with the enemy merc groups vying for control across parts of Omega and the Terminus. Nguyen eventually did leave the Blue Suns, parting amicably after a number of months after he figured he had enough money behind him. His search brought him to Omega, somewhere he grew to despise. Even after all that had been done by various Spectres, Archangel and all manner of vigilantes, the place was still the same festering hole as always.

Nguyen's first step was Cat6. Figuring that his quarry was a traitor to the Alliance, it'd be the natural place for him to go. He couldn't probe without causing trouble, however; the Category Killings or 'Turncoat Shootings' as they were sometimes referred to by humans on the station were attributed to some sniper picking off targets and avoiding capture and elimination each time. Making sure to obscure his face, the killings were attributed to likely be a Batarian, targeting a group almost guaranteed to be former Alliance. Afterward, Thomas modified his helmet to have two lenses beneath the regular ones in his helmet, propagating the idea and trying to throw his pursuers off the trail as he continued to investigate. His frustration grew as the likelihood of finding Bromley within Cat6 continued to slim; it didn't help that the few good deeds he had done for people had gotten a lot of mercs breathing down his neck, hoping to pre-emptively kill any Archangel copycat.

Laying low for a while on the station, Nguyen changed his tactics; rather than focus on one area, he began harrassing Cat6's operations around the Terminus Systems, foiling and disrupting them wherever he could, whether by himself or others he could interest, taking any credits or resources he could carry off with him, to fund himself and to hurt the merc organization. Outraged, Cat6 continued to send death squads after the ex-Marine, who always evaded, subdued or actually killed the teams sent after him. Though it had began as a search for one man, Thomas' hatred of traitors was such that he didn't think it was right not to take down the merc crew wherever he found them. His face and name are still not known, simply considered a mystery sniper that a lot of people want dead. He was last spotted on Lorek, believing to have been moving between planets, and had also apparently been reported causing trouble for Turian seperatist groups. Whether this was out of personal reasons or payment from a third party is unknown.

Nguyen, now known as Seraph, took an unusual trip to Council space - hunting two highly ranked Cat6 operatives who he'd made his targets. While there, he was contacted that apparently an SR2 was in the area, and might be connected to his targets. His contacts believed it to be Shepard. Nguyen however, had a hunch as he went to the Asari garden world. There, he used armor-piercing rounds to harm the supposed leader of the Awoken Collectors and drive him off, before revealing himself later on the Constantinople. Now, back on the ship he had grown attached to after two years of absence, the former vigilante is ready to go back to fighting for a cause more than revenge and anger.

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Re: Cpl Thomas Nguyen [Transferred]

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Woah it's an update!


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Re: Cpl Thomas Nguyen [Transferred]

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Update to Relations 2: Electric Boogaloo


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Re: Cpl Thomas Nguyen [Transferred]

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Post-London update! All of my friends are dead! Smile


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Re: Cpl Thomas Nguyen [Transferred]

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Another update, after the timeline skip and all. If I missed anyone, please lemme know on Steam or PM or whatever. Feedback's always appreciated, too.


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