Official Medical Logs

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Official Medical Logs

Post by Scout on Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:55 am

DateRankNameInjuryAreas AffectedSeverityTreatment IssuedReadiness StatusAuthorized CorpsmanDate Checked OutHMC SignoffAdditional Notes
1/29/86SvCGreene, Victoria1st DBBreast, ChestLowAntibiotic Burn Cream applied to burnsYellowHM3 A. Itsuko01/31/86YesN/A

SpcWillhar', SenianBR, GashesNeck downHighMolding used to fix ribs, Stitched cuts and gashesYellowHMC U. Vertanos01/31/86YesN/A
SpcKurius, OctisBullet woundLeft thighMediumRemoved shrapnel from wound, cleaned and disinfected wound, bandaged with medigelYellowHM3 A. Itsuko2/01/86YesN/A
LtCmdGreene, Adande1st DB, Fractured shoulderChest, Right shoulderHighAntibiotic Burn Cream applied to burn, fractured bone moved back into place and held in place with metal pins/plates, arm bandaged and cast applied as bone heals on it's own/with medigel assisatnceYellowHM3 A. Itsuko2/03/87YesN/A

PfcMitchner, JenniferHairline FractureSpinal DiscHighIssued painkillersRedNone (SvC Victoria Greene)02/06/87YesWhile Anne was away, Victoria nursed Mitchner. She still needs proper treatment.
PfcMitchner, JenniferHairline FractureSpinal DiscHighOpened wound and started damage repair with medigel/disinfectant combination, resealed wound with autosuture and gauze bandageYellowHM3. A. Itsuko02/08/87YesN/A
Pv2Jonathon LevyBullet WoundLeft LegMediumRemoved shrapnel and suture/medigelled damage inside body, sutured/medigelled closed both bullet holes, covered with Gauze bandageGreenHM3. A. Itsuko02/08/87YesN/A
OpCTravis KelceChest torn openChestHighUsed biofoam and cauterized chest wound together and applied medigelRedDr. An'daux Noava03/10/87YesHis left hand was blown off and treated by HM1 Charles Larson JR.
OpCTravis KelceLost left handLeft handHighBiofoam used to seal the wound and given a prosthetic handRedHM1 Charles Larson JR03/10/87YesN/A
CplIona PetrovFirst degree burnChestLowAntibiotic Burn Cream applied to burnGreenDr. An'daux Noava03/09/87YesN/A
OpCTravis KelceSevere ConcussionHeadMedium--RedDr. An'daux Noava
LtCmdAdande GreeneShrapnel in bodyFull bodyHighShrapnel removedRedAlliance AI03/15/87NoStill having trouble walking and talking as of right now.
Pv2Jeremy MasonBullet-hole woundThighLowMedigel and gauze applied, with painkillersGreenDr. An'daux Noava10/9/89Yes--

FlLtDiogo StolarzLegs sliced offBelow both kneesHighCauterization, medi-gel, protective domeRedHMC. Uriel Vertanos10/13/89YesUsing a wheelchair for movement, ordering prosthetics.


Green - Combat Ready
Yellow - Not Combat Ready
Red - Must be Under Medical Care
Black - Must be Under Severe Medical Watch

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