The good fight! Bringing news from the front: Featuring war correspondent, Jakob Holmes.

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The good fight! Bringing news from the front: Featuring war correspondent, Jakob Holmes.

Post by Kravis on Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:12 am

"Greetings fellow marines. I'm Jakob Holmes, Reporting on Earth's current condition and new reports from the front. I'll be running down some rumors going around, The nature of the Reaper's movement and some other topics that relate to such. Now, Up here in Kanevka, Russia, We've been getting numerous reports of a new reaper unit entering the fray of the nasty bastards we've already been seeing before. They're calling it the Petrius, A harvested salarian made to become a battlefield sniper and all around deadly insect. The Petrius has been observed using a sniper that uses the same design as the Geth made Javelin, except that it's multiple barrels allow it to charge a deadly pinpoint shot that can rip through cover and destroy shields. The weapon is also able to transform into a fully automatic rifle at close range when needed be. Another chilling detail is that these undead frogs have been implanted with a synthetic tissue that can reflect light. Allowing it to used a ability similar to a infiltrator's tactical cloak. Lastly. The thing has a set of eyes on the back of it's head. Making it difficult to pin down and kill quietly when it's able to see in a 360 direction."

(Image courtesy of Pfc. Tyson Fleming)

"But, we're going to move on from that now and focus on the reaper movements concerning the current reports flowing around. Several notes show that reapers have begun to fortify London in a almost like shield formation to keep all units inside of London trapped and all those outside cut off from the inside. There was only one known breach thus far which was made by a division under the lead of the N7 Spectre Adande Greene, Who put his life and his men's life on the line to save nearly sixty marines trapped inside the shield formation by immobilizing a Destroyer class reaper, good job to the men and women under Commander Greene's command, we need more people like you out there!"

"Lastly, I'd like to address some small rumors concerning some odd stories we've been hearing. One of which concerned a nearby location called 'Severmosk' where a Harvester was found lying in the snow with it's leg shot up all to hell and it's stomach sliced open. No one could figure out what caused the death of the reaper, But whoever it was certainly didn't like the thought of being eaten alive, or someone was watching too many old vids about having to stay warm in cold climates."

"One of the other popular rumors was a report of a strange figure working along the borders of Washington D.C. Some say it is not organic due to it's shape but neither confirm or deny it to be a reaper. One report says that the figure is infact a large Geth with strange white markings and black as night armor. However, the report cannot be confirmed due to the mental state of the eyewitness. The reason why this thing is so special because it's been apparently helping Alliance forces by taking out key reaper points all by itself. Allowing Marines to quickly retake lost ground and fortify positions. Whoever or whatever it is, Let's be glad that it's apparently on our side."

"That's all for now soldiers, Keep up the good fight, and remember, Don't give up! We're close to the end of this war, Shepard is out there uniting the galaxy for US! Let's make sure when he gets back he's greeted with marines ready to go and kick Harbingers ass! Jakob Holmes! Closing for now, But not forever!"

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