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Abandoned Journal

Post by Revival on Sun Jul 24, 2016 2:37 pm

IC: A Old Journal was found during one of the scavenging runs. If Read through, it has writings that are male in tone. The first few entries are noted, and the back page. The rest of the journal is helmed by someone who has a different writing style, and talks about escaping the colony on Anur and escaped to Maine, somehow, being the sole survivor. But it seems that the person who was writing in this journal has died. The pages are destroyed and old. There is a inscription in the front cover

"numerele sunt o minciună" - V****** *al**v***e **R***he


En*ry 0045*68*

I joined the Const***inop** today… I was assigned for it, and I Don’t know why. I was not the best marine for the job.. In**ct I know five others besides me t**t were more q**lified for the position than I was. So why was I sent here and not them? I guess my Dossier was the best part about me then. Those questions were annoying as all hell to sign up on any*ays. For m***ers I have met.. They seem ** be interesting. That Samuel Fellow was a sight to see that day, and who else… bah doesn’t matter. Neither do all of these lines that I am writing is there? Screw it, the members on the ship I tr**t so ***.


En*** 0045**86

And I suffered through my first encounter on the ship. Collect*rs burs**d in through the doors and procee*** to fire upon us. Thank you to St*lar* for being a good pilot. I also met *****r.. I don’t know what to mean about him but… err.. He is a idiot. I also met Ver*** via getting shot by the Collector. I despise those things right about now.. But at least ***mon was helpful to me. We also saw our first death, being *****er Ramsey, I wish she would have stayed, now we got a second ****e co*k.


Entry 00459***

We have moved bases today, from the Constantinople, to the I***rator. I like this place, but I do not know about what to do here. There is no coffee machine anywhere here.. But I wish that happened. Perhaps I will ask for one soon. I have made more friends… except of that Ke**e. A Dick he is to aliens. ****n Smith is also a interesting subject… but.. For now, he is good.


Entry 004*****

The guy who checked our bunks took one of my pens.



Entry *********

We ended a week long campaign, going to New Thebes at the end of it all. We had our first **sualty as well when I joined, excluding the chef. But the way Log*n died is pissing me off. The Dumb*** was in an argument with **nner, and I was busy recoiling from a *asty blow to the head. After the argument he decided to pull a gun on himself, it was called a ‘Misf*re’. I think I’m the only one who knows abo** it, but I d**not think they are that **** here.


Entry 00****91

We are busy speaking of new ideas on today, and it turns out people are busy in denial saying he didn’t shoot himself.. I guess I am alone on that one. I also met No*ins’ little b**ther, ***d. A good man he is, bald as his brother.


Entry ***59692

We just got word that we are going to be on an **** Shore soon.. I should have brought my Lawyer jacket from the old days if I **** we would be.. But I guess I am not. I also hea** we are picking up a few new f***s alongside our *rew there but that is a interesting part.

Ent*** 0045**93

And.. we got back after our Citadel leave… and I am going to have to be paranoid again. I thought I saw somebody snooping through my journal. So I guess I’m going to have to go back to the code.

*OOC, this is a Ceaser Cipher, website used to decode/uncode - Key 13 ]
* http://www.xarg.org/tools/caesar-cipher/ ]

Jryy, gung vf terng gung V nz hfvat guvf byq xabja hfntr bs n Pvcure. Gunax lbh Whyvnf Prnfre. Ubj lbh jrer n yrnqre bs lbhe crbcyr. Naljnlf, jr whfg tbg onpx sebz bhe perj yrnir. Naq ol tbq uryy envarq hcba rirelguvat urer. Vs lbh gubhtug vg pbhyq tb jebat, vg, pbhyq, tb, jebat. Yrg hf fgneg bss jvgu bhe svefg beqre bs ohfvarff. V yrnearq bs n arj tnzr gung V svaq sha naq orng gur erfvqrag cynlre bs gur tnzr.. juvpu V srry fnq nobhg. V qb abg xabj jul V qvq vg, ohg V qvq. Abfvaf nyfb snprq zr ohg V unir jba va obgu ertneqf va gung pnfr. Fb V ercerfragrq zl perj va gur gbheanzrag gung jnf tbvat qbja.. V tbg cerggl jryy vagb vg, ohg V unir ybfg zl jvaavat fgernx, naq V jngpurq vg vagb gur avtug. V qb abg rira erzrzore vg nf jr ner jevgvat guvatf qbja evtug abj. Rira orsber gur gbheanzrag, gurer jnf n cnegl tbvat ba hc va Terrar'f ebbz. Naq jr unir zrg bhe arjrfg zrzore, Ivpgbevn Zberyyb. V.. jnf fghaarq gb zrrg ure. Sbe zl svefg vafgnapr bs gnyxvat gb ure vaibyirq ure orvat va n qehaxra qnmr jvgu Ryvmnorgu qbvat.. bu, fbeel, gurer zvtug or n shpxvat puvyq ernqvat guvf. F... R... K! Vg'f yvxr gurl qb abg xabj ubj gb qb gung naljnlf. Gurer jnf n qnapr bss, gur Dhnevna tbg fvpx,naq nyy naq nyy vg jnf n fuvg fubj. Pbzr zbeavat gurer jnf na nggnpx naq jr jrer nyy hacercnerq sbe vg. Fbzr bs hf va n qehaxra qnmr nyernql. Jr yrsg nsgre n srj ebhaqf bs svtugvat, naq Fnzhry qrfgeblvat n Nfnev Ovbgvp.. Fnzhry vf n onq nff. Nf bs abj V qb abg xabj ubj gb znxr bs guvatf, ohg V thrff vg vf fbzrguvat gb qb.

[Destroyed Crypto Key]


Entry 00459700

I guess I should not use the Cae*** Cipher.. I do not need it anymore. After the events of there, we were going out for a mission later. And… Th** died. We will honor *im later.. Because we are hea**ng out. Back to earth. We needed to for some reason I do not r***ber.. I will leave this here.  

[ At the back of the book you will find a bunch of scribbles in Ceaser Cipher, using the same translation as it was in the two above, it isn't written over by who else held this book, this part seemed to be well kept.]

[Yes, the exact same translator key is there. Copy paste them individually. There's a issue with the translator site that makes them stack on eachother.]

Jryy, vs lbh ner ernqvat guvf evtug abj naq lbh ner nf fzneg nf V jnf. V nz pheeragyl cnffrq bhg, naq qrnq. Erfg va crnpr Iynqvzve Znypbivpur YrEbhpur. Gb jubrire vf ernqvat guvf evtug abj, lbh ner n fphz bs gur rnegu naq V qba'g xabj jul lbh qrpvqrq gb ernq guvf crefbany cneg bs zl wbheany.. ohg vg jvyy abg punatr zl ivrjf ba lbh.. Hayrff lbh ner Xrypr... shpx lbh Xrypr.

Jryy, yrg hf fgneg jvgu ubj zl Qbffvre vf.


Jryy Qvntb, V nz tynq gung V unir freirq haqrearngu lbh. V jvfu lbh gur orfg va gur nsgreyvsr nf n fuvc pncgnva, naq sbe jungrire xvyyrq zr.

Shpx gurz hc jvyy ln?


Lbh ner na ubabenoyr zna, naq gurer vf n fcrpvny fbzrobql jub jnagrq lbh. V qb abg xabj vs fur unf ol gur gvzr lbh frr guvf, ohg... V ubcr fur qvq. Lbh ner n tbbq zna naq lbh orggre xvpx fbzr nff bhg bs fcnpr.

Jryy, vg jnf avpr jbexvat haqrearngu lbh Nqnaqr Terrar. V jvfu V jnf fhpprffshy nf lbh ner evtug abj, ohg gung vf n cvcrf qernz. Fperj lbh naljnlf sbe orngvat zr va gung fcnpr tnzr ohg, lbh qrfreir gb jva... unir lbh rire urneq bs gur guerr qrnguf grez Nqnaqr. Svefg qrngu vf jurer lbh oerngur lbhe svefg, gur frpbaq vf jura lbh oerngur lbhe ynfg. Naq gur guveq vf jura lbhe anzr vf hggrerq sbe gur ynfg gvzr.

Qb n snibe sbe zr, naq znxr fher gung V jvyy abg cnff bhe guveq naq svany qrngu.

Onaare, sebz nyy gur gvzrf gung V unir jbexrq haqre lbh. V jvyy nfx lbh gur fnzr gung V nfxrq sbe Nqnaqr. Gur guerr qrnguf, znxr fher V qb abg cnff gur guveq qrngu.

Ivpgbevn... fgnl fgebat va gur qnlf. Sbe lbh frrz gb or gur lbhatrfg zrzore bs bhe perj, fb lbh orggre fgnl gehr gb lbhe tbnyf.. Naq znxr fher Fnzhry fgnlf fbyvq. Vg frrzrq gb zr va gur cnfg srj qnlf lbh jrer jnezvat hc gb zr, pbatengf. Lbh qvq fbzrguvat gung V jbhyq abg rkcrpg nalbar ryfr gb qb, Rkprcg Fgbynem.

Abj gnxr gurz qbja.

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