.: Information : "Negan's Group"

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.: Information : "Negan's Group"

Post by Scout on Sat Jul 23, 2016 7:06 pm

This Contingency report has been filed by Lieutenant Commander Adande Greene

Group Name: No specific name found. "Negan's Group" temporarily.
Group Leader: "Negan"
Group Strength: Approx. 100 members.
Group Location: Southern Tunnel pass the lighthouse. Coordinates 029612

Important Figures

Negan - The absolute ruler of the group. N7 and possible CAT6 member. He keeps his people protected by 'vassalizing' smaller groups of people and eventually absorbing those groups into his own. Groups that fail to meet his standards or betray him are punished or put to death. He presents himself as a logical and charming indiviual. When the 2nd MSRC first encountered Negan himself, he was in the middle of interrogating four men and women on their knees, and brutally chopped one down to pieces with a small sword.

Freeman - Negan's right hand man. Possible CAT6 member and confirmed hard-ass. He's confindent and proud of his group and seems to always be ready to fight. Freeman is a prime example of the pride that Negan's group holds. He seems to be just as dangerous as the man Negan himself.

Stance with 2nd MSRC: Neutral. Negan seems to respect the commander and the 2nd MSRC itself. He has agreed to trade with the group now but stated clearly that he is not afraid to become hostile if the 2nd MSRC attempts to take any action against Negan's group or his future plans.

Estimated supplies: Heavy. Despite Negan's group seeming ragtag, each man holds a rifle and Negan's and Freeman's armor are top of the line. Several members of the group have light weight recon armor almost equal to the 2nd MSRC.


1/23/2186 - Group encountered. The 2nd MSRC enters the tunnel that the group is held in, their defenses are a three layer defense of increasingly tough defenses. Men stay on guard at all times, maning every single position. Negan agrees to trade with the 2nd MSRC.

No further reports. Recon teams and more interaction will be required for more reports to be made.

".: Yup, if you got some spare metals, we can use it. 'Round 45 should do us in good. We can a couple of these Motherboards and a whole hell of a lot of scrap eletronics, wires, a transmitter and a reciever we don't have use for. Sounds like a reasonable trade. If you don't agree, don't worry. We'll get ahold of it one way or the other." 

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