Time Jump Commencing

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Time Jump Commencing

Post by Scout on Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:18 pm

Another time jump is commencing. It'll follow the same route it did last time, several IC events will pass and I'll write a short description below to fill everyone in.


After the Quarians and Geth and Rannoch, the 2nd MSRC has returned to Earth to their previous station. It has been three months - now putting the date in Janurary - 9 months into the Reaper War.

Earth continues it's struggle against the Reapers and the 2nd MSRC has deployed to numerous locations. The 2nd MSRC has not suffered any losses since Rannoch. Their objectives have not been as important as their objectives with the Quarians however these missions are upcoming.

2nd Lt Thatcher and HMC Uriel Vertanos have fully recovered from their injuries. Cpl Nade Ester returns soon from his short time away from the 2nd MSRC as requested to join the New York 22nd Infantry in a personal mission.

update was really small might add more later wee

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