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A helping hand.

Post by Kravis on Thu Jul 14, 2016 11:06 pm

To: adande.greene@alliance.mil
CC: ---
Subject: Rannoch hospitality.

"Captain Greene, I wanted to severely apologize for my actions during your assault on the Geth Dreadnought. I wanted to thank you sincerely for coming to help us in our time of need alongside Captain Shepard. It's strange now, Seeing us working with the Geth, I say I have mixed feelings with it. But I've already had two Geth offer their assistance with fixing one of our ship's cannons. So, I think I can get used to having some new friends around. I heard about Legion, and Invictus, I never suspected that a Geth would be helping you this whole time, but I can see it was for the better. I'm sorry for your loss, I wish It could of survived the attack, But It sacrificed it's life to save all of yours, And that's something I cannot deny. I wanted to show you generosity by sending one of my best marines to you when you are back on Earth. She's not exactly what you'd come to expect as being a Quarian. She was exiled eight years ago due to being detached from the Flotilla and being considered dead by her birth crew. But it was when she showed up to the Fleet offering support from a mercenary group of Quarian exiles on Omega that we found out she was alive. Even though the Admirals were a little bit...On edge, with having exiles on the ship. They soon saw their uses with how much experience they had with combat, Even more so than some of our Marines. I hope you'll accept the offer, Seeing as she's eager to take the fight to the Reapers."

- Captain Kih'Lejia vas Varkez


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