Genos Primus [Retired]

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Genos Primus [Retired]

Post by Kozak on Fri Jul 08, 2016 4:28 pm

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Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Unit Name: Genos Primus
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Turian
Unit Ranking:

Physical Appearance: Genos Primus is a Turian male who stands 6'9" in height. Primus has white facial tattoos and dark skin. He wears his own armor from Palaven equipped with various tools, a nano drone embedded in his wrist, and an Alliance emblem attached to the chest piece. Primus is equiped with a Phaeston, Krysae, and N7 Eagle.

Unit Vocals:


Marine General Information.
Unit training: Turian Military Training, Advanced Marksmen Training, Alliance Military [Experience]
Unit Assignment: SSV Constantinople
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post: N/A
Unit MOS: Marksman / Infiltrator


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Systems Alliance, Turian Military
Listed Liked Factions:
Listed Disliked Factions:
Listed Neutral Factions: Unlisted factions, Geth
Hostile Factions: Batarian Slavers, Pirates

Unit Personnel Relationships.

LtCmd Adande Greene - "The Commander? Yeah, he sure is something. Reminds me a lot of my brother, Domitius. You see, Greene isn't like some officers in the Alliance. He's got that charm to his personality, but the sternness of a disciplined soldier. I grew a liking to him the first few minutes of talking to him. From shooting the shit, to going out into the field, it's good knowing he's the one leading this. I don't think he can shoot better than me, but the fucker gave me hell during our sparring matches *Laughing*. If you're listening to this, Greene.......Fuck you!"

2ndLt Flynt C. Thatcher - "I gotta admit, I didn't like Thatch at all in the beginning. The man he was before was an alcoholic, and overall, a huge asshole. But over time, Thatch became a new man. Jeez, I'll tell ya, it takes a lot of will power to do that. Seeing Thatch grow from a Pv2 to a 2ndLt just brings a tear to my eye *Laughs*. He's a good man with good intentions. Just hope that incident with his father didn't awaken anything new. Oh, I also have this photo of him and Kelce in New York. Wanna see?"

SvC Victoria Greene - "Vic? *Laughs* I remembered one time she drugged Jason and made him believe that the war was over. Jeez, that was stupid. He was about to run out of the wire and get himself killed. That was the one event that made me dislike her for a while. So I would make every confrontation with her and I intentionally uncomfortable for her *Laughs for a good minute*. She's a good girl with good intentions, and she's keepin Greene happy. She's good in my book."

The Kelces - "Every Kelce I've met has been an asshole, except one. Damn....I already forgot his name, even though it was my decision that got him killed. Anyways, let's not make this interview sad. Kelces are their own species. I don't hate em, unless they're being an asshole to me, that's all. I think my ranking, from good to bad, would be: The Unknown Kelce, Jason and Floyd are about the same since I barely know Floyd, and then fucking Travis *laughs*."

Pfc Francis Martinez - "That guy is a fucking weirdo."





Unit History.

Turian Military:
Genos Primus was born on 2141 in the capital city of Cipritine, with his twin brother Domitius. Genos had the personallity of a rebel in his younger years, whist his brother was more of the calm and disciplined type. Genos' father, an officer in the Turian Military, trained Genos and Domitius how to shoot various weapons at the age of 12. Genos has a certain niche for long range rifles, as opposed to Domitus who prefered mid to close range weapons. By the age of 15, Genos and Domitius are officially enlist as soldiers in the Turian Military. Genos served in the same unit as his brother as a marksman of the squad, no later than a year they fought in the First Contact War. During the occupation of Shanxi, Domitius showed great leadership during an assault on an enemy compound with the support of Genos' precision. The two were the core pillars of their squad. After the First Contact War, Domitius moved on to Officer training, whist Genos opted for Advanced Marksmen Training. Genos would keep serving the Turian Military until the age of 35 and retire as an NCO.

Post-Turian Military:
Genos moved on from Palaven and into the Citadel, where he would learn how to operate and fix weapons for Alliance ships. He would work as a civilian contractor on Alliance ships for the time being. At the age of 43, Genos is stationed on the SSV Constantinople as the temporary Weapons Operator, in replacement for the one that was KIA. Genos wasn't planing on staying too long, but grew a liking to the crew and Marines on the ship. "The Commander? Yeah, he sure is something. Reminds me a lot of my brother, Domitius". After Greene received his Spectre status, and the untimely death of SvC Ahab Reinhold, Geno Primus became the new NCO of the 2nd MSRC. He never would've thought he'd be on the field again, but Genos truly loved being behind the gun with his fellow comrades.

End. . .
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Re: Genos Primus [Retired]

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ur not dead


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