I have a request... It's personal

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I have a request... It's personal

Post by Agathon on Wed Jul 06, 2016 1:11 am

To: adande.greene@alliance.mil
Subject: A personal request.

Back when I joined your team I just stuck with whatever my job was. I didn't let personal feelings affect my duty. Now, however, the Reapers are here and my family is torn apart and broken. My parents died separate, scared, and lonely, and I wish to do something to help ease the pain they went through. My mother was killed by a group of Batarian Pirates looking to earn some score. They killed everyone on the ship my mother was on and received nothing of value. They didn't care, they just moved on to the next one. I've done some digging and found out who leads this team. They've managed to escape law enforcement for their brutality. Leaving no witnesses alive, and constantly being on the move. Thankfully I was able to tap in to the logs and communications of the ship my mother was on right before the attack, and got the information necessary. A Batarian by the name of Dhemen Kheckork is the one responsible for the attack. I wish to find him and avenge my mother, to bring whatever peace I can to my family. My father died alone because of the Reapers, and my mother because of Dhemen. He's the one who separated my family and gave them their horrible, lonely deaths. I understand how there are so many more situations to deal with right now, but I think if I were to achieve this my head would be clear and I could become an even better, more efficient soldier. If you can find the ship name and locate it I would be sincerely grateful. They may or may not be landed on a planet or base, but I need to find him.  This is the closest I have ever gotten to catching him. I need to do this. For me, and my family.

- Nade Ester

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Re: I have a request... It's personal

Post by Scout on Wed Jul 06, 2016 12:08 pm

To: nade.ester@alliance.mil
Subject: Re: A personal request.

I'll send information on this to Stolarz, he and the onboard VI can begin tracking down the Batarian. We'll deploy as soon as we have a positive match.

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