A wish from me

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A wish from me

Post by Revival on Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:08 pm

To:  adande.greene@alliance.mil  


Subject: A Wish from Me


   Commander Greene, I know that at our current situation of being directly at the new field of operations base, and our current situation is... Mild at best. I have a wish to you that I hope you will grant. A mission to Servermosk Russia. There's two reasons that I want to head there. One, my former Fiance's family has a possibility of being alive. My former Fiance's family, being Xavius Mihajlova, the Father. Rajjeeta Mihajlova, the Mother. And the baby sister when I was with her, who should be in her teenage years somewhere, Ivi Mihajlova. Those three I abandoned when I Was a idiot, and I need to get them to safety, for my own sanity.

    Of course, that is only one of the two sections of the mission. I want to find my Father, Cassius Petrov. He is currently injured from the Back down from what I recall and from what I know, was living in a caretakers home, who I know would defend him from any drugee who came to him. The Caretaker being Ivan Illoav. I want to bring him back, but not for the reason of my former comrades. I want to bring him to justice when this fight is over. And not see him die to those reapers...  

   However, I do not expect to see us try to save them both, I would prefer it where we could. But... what is there more to say than this. I ask for you to allow us to head to Servermosk to save them, perhaps my Father, perhaps the family. Last I know it wasn't damaged severely by reapers, despite being the least populated city in Russia. I have not begged for things in my life, save for a few cases. But not this time, I beg of you to allow us on this mission, when we are at a safer position, after we are done with Martinez's fiance, after whatever's next, only when we are ready.

-Iona Petrov, Corporal



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Re: A wish from me

Post by Scout on Wed Jul 06, 2016 12:01 pm

To: Iona.tPetrov@alliance.mll
Subject: Re:A Wish from Me

We'll get a kodiak out to Servermosk as soon as the oppurtunity presents itself.

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