SSV Vanguard Information

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SSV Vanguard Information

Post by Sargo922 on Tue Jul 05, 2016 9:39 pm

Subject: SSV Vanguard Information

I had to do a bit of digging, but the patrol route the SSV Vanguard took before it went dark was in the Phoenix Massings, it's route took it into the Terminus Systems for some reason. The planet it was investigating was Aite, in the Typhon system.

The area had reported issues with pirates and slavers, but there were a few scrapped transmissions from the locals about Cerberus activity, however I do not believe that they were responsible for the destruction, or severe damaging of the SSV Vanguard. At the earliest possible convenience, I would like to head there and try and find the ship, I fear they may be in trouble.

- Sincerly, HN Anne Itsuko


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Re: SSV Vanguard Information

Post by Scout on Wed Jul 06, 2016 12:06 pm

Subject: Re: SSV Vanguard Information

I've hooked up the Constantinople to be ready to move to the Phonex Massing through the Far Rim Mass Relay.

Anite itself has had several Reaper contacts. We'll see what we can do and we'll get out there as soon to possible to see if we can recover the SSV Vanguard and it's crew.


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