Pfc Vladimir LeRouche [K.I.A]

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Pfc Vladimir LeRouche [K.I.A]

Post by Revival on Tue Jul 05, 2016 8:26 pm

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Unit Identification Information.

Unit Name: Vladimir Malcovich LeRouche
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: Private First Class [PFC]

Physical Appearance: Mid Thirties [He did not give us a exact, for he did not know his actual birth date, only that it was about thirty years ago, we suspect he is 36 ] / 5'9 /  Green Eyes / Pale Skin / Short, Black Hair / Insignia of Romania inked on Right side of his Neck / Pointed Nose /

Unit Vocals: A mixed accent between Romanian and French. Leaning more towards Romanian. His voice is usually on the verge of a yawn, and is usually his most well known feature of speaking patterns by yawning every few minutes, even in presence of other marine members.


Marine General Information.

Unit training:  Basic Training / Experience on the Field
Unit Assignment: SSV Constantinople
Operational Status: Inactive
Unit Casualty Status: K.I.A
Previous Post: N/A
Unit MOS: Rifleman


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Systems Alliance
Listed Liked Factions: [Asari, Turian, Krogan]
Listed Disliked Factions: [Geth]
Listed Neutral Factions: [Any Not Listed]
Hostile Factions: [Any fought on records of the ship of USS Constantinople]

Unit Personnel Relationships.
Affectionate: N/A

Well Respected:

Diago Stolraz - I'll go out and get a drink with this guy. I see him as my equivalent on this ship. If he's ever given his own ship i'll happily sail under him for his reactions.


GyC Flynt Thatcher - The man is a good man. Understandable, able to easily cooperate with. And the most important, a help on the field.

Thax - As much as I've only seen his brutish side, he was a good man and it is a shame he has fallen, I always respected his battle skills in the missions I saw him in. If he was less cocky when he was alive it would be better words by me.

Commander Adande Greene - The commander, and a admirable man for his position. I wouldn't be happier than to serve under his banner. I have no complaints, only gratitude to the man.

Lt. Martian Banner - The second in command, a good person that I like and respect, but he is a little bit stern, something is up with his acting and I don't know what it is.

Lars Keller - Despite all that I've heard of the man, he is a good doctor and has helped me out more times than I can count.

Nosins - As much as I hate the guys Puns, he is a person that I would love to have by my side. Taken as you will. His spirit is something to help me out with my yawning fits and can help our group out.

Samuel Chevalier - Another person that has helped me out more times than I can count. You want a man who can do that to his group and assist us. Plus the fact that he taken out a Asari Biotic is something of notice. [Of course, with help from Rachel Elizabeth]

Rachel Elizabeth - All of my interactions with her have been,  friendly so far. There's probably more somewhere that I don't know, but whatever it is.. it's the same as Banner, her acting and I don't know what it is... Also we need to find a way to put an alcohol stopper on her. Drinks more than I have in my entire life in a party environment.  

Callistius Zervaria - This woman Is a good person, and I hope I see more of her as a formidable comrade on our trips.

Victoria Morello - I want to respect her, but she hasn't gained it for me. I swear if I have to hear another line about how my yawning is in relation to heart disease I will probably get one from going crazy.
-UPDATE- From a recent chat with her, she's earned it.  

Neutral: Any not Listed

Disliked: N/A

Feared: N/A


Jason Kelce - This person is one person that I despise more than anybody else on this ship. I tolerate him, but if he could understand the fact that mocking somebody, Racist, a idiot, a dick, and thinks he is 'smooth' in a wartime setting can leave to disastrous results to the crew.

Logan Smith - I know it's not kind to speak ill of the dead, but he was always a complaining person. And the way he went out was cowardice at its finest. Shooting yourself because Banner was ratting on you is not how you use your life. Let's hope his new life is actually a better person than he was.


Unit History:

Civilian History -

School he went to - University of Bucharest - Law Major

Studied law for 18 Years before Joining Constantinople, starting from schooling age of 18.

He was in cases for Intergalactic and work on A.I studies for military.

Fraternal/Family History -

He lived in Paris, France from ages 0-6.

His mother was his idol when he was younger, around the age of Six his father killed his mother in front of him. He proceeded to live with his Grandparents on the mother's side in the capital of Romania. He was usually up for entire days to help the family on the working farm. This is where we suspect he got his 'Yawning' Traits.

-Vladimir LeRouche was killed in action in Chicago when the reapers came, being killed by a Reaper Beam. No remains have been recovered, or any signs of them being there happened

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