Concerning the Fight/Weapons Discharge

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Concerning the Fight/Weapons Discharge

Post by HereticsEnd on Tue Jul 05, 2016 12:37 am

Subject: Concerning the Fight/Weapons Discharge

Video Encoded:
** Pfc Kreg Luther brings up his omni-tool, beginning to Worldstar that shit.
Pfc Iona Petrov yells "Shut up again Edwards!"
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "Shut the fuck up, Edwards, you don't give orders."
Pv2 Zedrick Edwards yells "FUCK YOU!"
** 2ndLt Flynt Thatcher turns and throws a punch at Edwards
** FltLt Diogo Stolarz remains his grip
** SvC Jason Kelce keeps punching Martinez
Cpl Nade Ester yells "Guys, what the fuck are you doing?"
** SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello is leaning against the counter, composed.
Pfc Iona Petrov yells "Don't yell at the person with the gun!"
** FltLt Diogo Stolarz releases his grip
** SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello snorts.
Cpl Nade Ester yells "You really think this solves anything?"
** Pv2 Zedrick Edwards attempts to dodge Thatcher and steps back, attempting to avoid the conflict.
** Pfc Francis Martinez forces himself up
SvC Jason Kelce says "Primus, you know what to do."
Pv2 Zedrick Edwards yells "Thatcher, chill!"
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "Alright, alright."
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "Stop punching."
** Pfc Iona Petrov sighs, shaking his head, looking over to the bartender "So... come here often again?"
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "Jesus..."
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "Flynt, fists down."
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "Nade's right."
2ndLt Flynt Thatcher says "You want to talk big game, I want to see it."
** OpC Genos Primus picks up Kelce,and throws him towards Edwards.
** 2ndLt Flynt Thatcher throws another punch
** SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello raises her brow.
** Belurka Miklok looks over to Luther saying "I'm sorry, did those spores get on the ship when the crew left? Because your crew is killing eachother right now."
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "You know what? Nevermind."
** Pfc Francis Martinez stands up stepping back
Pfc Kreg Luther says "I suppose."
** Pv2 Zedrick Edwards attempts to dodge Thatcher
** Pfc Francis Martinez unmaglocks his gun
Pfc Iona Petrov radios in "For I think the Bartarian... there is hell in here... least the bartender and me are safe"
** SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello leans off of the counter.
** OpC Genos Primus would take out his N7 Eagle and shoot Martinez in the leg
** Pfc Kreg Luther takes another tostitos chip, munching on the little fuck as he continues to record.
** FltLt Diogo Stolarz steps forward, attempting to strip Martinez of the sidearm
** Cpl Nade Ester hears the shots
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "Whoa!"
** Pv2 Zedrick Edwards attempts to dodge Thatcher, again, along with dodging Kelce being thrown.
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "Hey, okay!"
** 2ndLt Flynt Thatcher hears the shot and turns
** Pfc Francis Martinez gets shot in the leg
OpC Genos Primus yells "STAY. DOWN."
** Pfc Iona Petrov kneels down, yelling out in russian
2ndLt Flynt Thatcher yells "Non lethal Primus!"
** SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello grabs a hold of Francis.
** Pv2 Zedrick Edwards dodges Thatcher and Kelce, continuing to walk backwards.
** SvC Jason Kelce lands in the chair behind Edwards
OpC Genos Primus says "Stolarz, Disarm him"
** FltLt Diogo Stolarz reaches down, gripping martinez's wrist, he then grabs the sidearm with another hand
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "I'm not going to hurt you, I'm taking you to the medbay."
** Belurka Miklok backs up from the gunshot saying "That's one way to stop a fight.."
Cpl Nade Ester yells "Everone calm the fuck down! This is fucking pointless!"
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "Come on, let's go."
** Pfc Iona Petrov sits down, sighing
** Pfc Francis Martinez grabs his knee.
** Pfc Kreg Luther moves back around the corner, shaking his head a bit from the small enclosure and the loud bang. "Jesus... fucking christ..."
** SvC Jason Kelce punches Edwards in the side of the head.
** SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello sighs, and helps him stand up.
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "I'm taking you to the medbay, let's go."
** 2ndLt Flynt Thatcher goes for the other side of his head
** Pfc Iona Petrov vaults over the Counter, walking out of the room, sighing
Cpl Nade Ester says "I think you should move before you get hurt."
** Pv2 Zedrick Edwards takes the hit as he's forced to the side, grunting. "Fuck!"
** Pfc Francis Martinez gets pulled up
Belurka Miklok says "I'd like to see someone try, but fine."
Pfc Iona Petrov says "Lets.. get out of this cluster fuck. da?"
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "Excuse me, we've got bleeding."
** Belurka Miklok steps back and crosses her arms. Seemingly amused from the fighting.
Cpl Nade Ester says "Might not be on purpose."
** 2ndLt Flynt Thatcher grabs Vicky's arm and tosses her back behind him
SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello says "Fuck you, Flynt. A marine is bleeding."
** Pfc Francis Martinez gets thrown on the ground aswell
** SvC Victoria 'Vicky' Morello pushes both of them aside.
** Pv2 Zedrick Edwards face is forced to his his left, as he grunts. "Fuck!" He grabs his head as he attempts to get out of the room. "What the fuck?!"
** Pfc Francis Martinez groans grabbing his knee
** FltLt Diogo Stolarz steps over to martinez, then reaches to his arm, grabbing it (Resist)?
** Pfc Kreg Luther offers the bag of chips to Iona and Ester. "Chips?"
** Cpl Nade Ester eyes the Batarian for a second
Pfc Iona Petrov says "Niet."
Cpl Nade Ester says "You enjoying this?"
** SvC Jason Kelce starts screaming wildly, Thatcher unleashed the beast
Pv2 Zedrick Edwards yells "STOP THIS!"
Belurka Miklok says "You hardly see 'professionally trained' militarys beating the shit out of eachother like vorcha."
Pfc Iona Petrov yells "Fucking quiet down Edwards!"
** OpC Genos Primus takes a seat
Cpl Nade Ester says "You know what... That's a good point."
** 2ndLt Flynt Thatcher throws a right hook to his head
** Pv2 Zedrick Edwards attempts to dodge this head but it connects, Zed it slammed into a wall as he stumbles backwards.
** Pfc Kreg Luther looks down to Edwards, taking another chip from the bag as he continues to munch and record.
2ndLt Flynt Thatcher says "Kelce, take him to the brig. Once Martinez is healed I'm throwing him in too. Vicky, I'll lock her somewhere since we only have two."
FltLt Diogo Stolarz says "Thatch."
Pfc Iona Petrov says "We all should be in there to be honeset... well.... except me, The Bartarian... no offense, I don't know your name. Ester, and Luther, and Thatcher."
2ndLt Flynt Thatcher says "hm?"
FltLt Diogo Stolarz says "Cells are located within the reaches of the sparing ring."
** Cpl Nade Ester looks to Genos "Holy shit, you okay?"
2ndLt Flynt Thatcher says "I know."
Pfc Kreg Luther says "I like to keep my sanity."
Cpl Nade Ester says "Those fights looked fucking rough."
Pfc Iona Petrov says "Greene... is not going to be happy with us..."
OpC Genos Primus says "Yeah yeah, I'm decent."
** FltLt Diogo Stolarz wipes at his forehead
Pfc Kreg Luther says "Besides. Galaxystar will love this."
2ndLt Flynt Thatcher says "Sorry about that. Sometimes you need to punch a dumb cunt before they learn."
Cpl Nade Ester says "What the hell's going to be done about this?"
Pfc Iona Petrov says "Don't post it on there Luther.. have a reputation to uphold..."
2ndLt Flynt Thatcher says "Excuse us."
Belurka Miklok says "Relatable."
Cpl Nade Ester says "I could barely tell what was even going on."
SvC Jason Kelce yells "I was born to do this!"
** Zedrick lays sprawled all over the floor, he coughs as he begins to get up. "Fuckin' ell"
OpC Genos Primus says "BE right back."
** Belurka Miklok slides her hands down to her side. Offering a chuckle.
Pv2 Zedrick Edwards yells "Shut up!"
** Pfc Kreg Luther cuts the feed as the fight ends, saving the clip to his omni-tool.

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