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Nade Ester's Datapad

Post by Agathon on Sat Jul 02, 2016 9:12 pm

To be reading this your character would have taken Nade's data-pad or asked him, he allows anyone to read it. There are audio options for each entry, where Nade's voice could narrate the text.

With all the shit that's been going on as of lately I felt it might be nice to keep all my thoughts organized somewhere, or maybe just to be able to look back at how things were in the future. Let's start with what's recent. My left leg's busted because Kelce dragged me into some little idiotic scheme of his that I'm not even sure where it was going, and Genos hangs him off a ledge by his hands with a rope. (Kinda wish I were there to see it, sounds hilarious, I have no idea how Genos even did that.) Regardless, I'm spending most of my time in the med bay waiting for Uriel to come and help out with this leg. Vicky gave me a splint and some painkillers, so those are nice too. I guess that's why I've decided to start writing something. Passes the time and gets my feelings out of the way. Speaking of Uriel, the guy suddenly goes M.I.A for personal reasons and suddenly (and coincidentally, might I add) shows back up with us. It definitely is Uriel, though, since he's nowhere to be found when he's actually needed. I hope he comes around and fixes my leg, I'm waiting to head back into action. Sitting out sucks. The news about Greene is also very concerning, and it's making me nervous. Greene is the heart of our team, and we really need him back soon. When he does return I just hope he's in much better shape than he was when he sent that message in the logs.

Holy shit Greene is back, and he's still our commander. When his shuttle landed and we all went to see what was going on, it was one hell of a reunion. Vicky, Thatcher, and Kelce were probably way happier about it than anyone else was. He stepped out with scars and blood all over, but he was very much alive. I'm glad the Commander is back, it's been so weird without him. He asked me if I was up for a ball game later. My answer... When do we start?

So now that Greene is back it's back to the regular old missions. We're heading over to Noveria to get rid of some Cerberus right as I'm putting this down. Normally I wouldn't put something in before a mission, but something interesting came up, and since we have time I figured I might as well. I received a nice new set of Colossus armor which I have to say I think looks good on me. While on the Constantinople I had another nice chat with Genos, and he actually asked me if he wanted to spar. Apparently he's sparred with almost everyone else in the crew, so I decided why the hell not. I'd get to see even more of his skill and he would get to see mine. I guess I'm looking forward towards getting my ass beaten by him. It should be... Interesting.
God, what a fucking mission. We head out and kill some Cerberus, and then Specialist O'Cunt shows up acting like a hot shot just to pussy out when he's beaten. Worse thing, we find this DISGUSTING fucking creature that enslaves people to feed its ego. Fucking thing has a god complex bigger than the Reapers. It sends its slaves after us, commanding us to be in awe and serve it. Yeah, right. Like I'm going to serve the most hideous thing I've ever seen. Once the thing is dead, we shoot our way out and take this Batarian Female who was taken by the creature and used to do its dirty work. A Batarian Female. I could barely believe it either. Just as disgusting as the males. I know it's not fair to play the species game, but I don't fucking like Batarians. If she wants my respect, she's going to have to show me that she isn't as bad as any other Batarian I've encountered. She has to show me she isn't like the ones who killed my mother.
I can't help but see my mother every time I stare into that Batarians eyes.

Entry #4
Holy shit what a day. It all starts with another argument that leads to stupid, pointless shit. After it dies down everyone splits up and whatever. Genos shows up to the bar with me, Vicky, Kelce, and Iona, and we start talking. I brought up the spar he offered me and Kelce decided to ask Genos for a rematch. Unsurprisingly Genos accepts the offer and even bets on it (Pretty sure nobody won that). Of course, that battle gets a little out of hand, but we barely paid it much attention. (Later on Kelce tore off one of Genos' mandibles. I'm no Turian, but holy shit that just sounds painful to me, though apparently he just re-attached it like it was some kind of add-on or addition to his face. The more you know about Turians, I guess.) Although, that wasn't the only fight going on around the ship. Vicky and Martinez fight AGAIN and it got out of hand. Almost everyone was fighting each other. Thatcher threw punches to get people to listen, Martinez was saying stupid shit, and Zedrick was... I'm not really sure what he was doing. Vicky was pissed, though and I don't blame her. Martinez needs to cool off and finally give some respect if he wants to earn it. Otherwise, we might as well continue calling him Convict instead of his actual fucking name. I calmed down the fight between Genos and Kelce because there were bigger concerns to attend to. I'm not sure what started the fight, but I know it was chaos. Genos shoots Martinez for taking out his gun (Seconds fucking time. The Turian's got good instincts) and practically everyone is getting fucking smacked on. Regardless, the fighting died down and Thatcher brings me over, telling me to do whatever I can to help settle the arguments. Kind of ironic how he said I step myself up on a pedestal when he's one to ask me for help, but whatever. Guess I am better at this than I think. So I go over to Martinez to try and work some way to calm everyone down and get them to chill out, and Genos and Kelce come in and interrogate him. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I let Genos do whatever the hell he wants to, I've got no problems with it. So they get some info from Francis, I'm not sure what for, and then walk off. Not before Martinez makes another fucking dumb remark about Kelce and refuses to finish his sentence, then disobeys the order from Kelce to finish it. So once again Genos goes in and, well, let's say forces Martinez to obey the order. I'm saying Genos stuck his finger into the bullet hole he gave Martinez. I don't blame him for anything, though. Turians take shit seriously, and Martinez was disobeying his superior. After that incident we head back to New York, and... It was fucked pretty badly. Dead bodies, explosion marks and ruins everywhere. That burst something in me. I felt so disgusted, so angry. I didn't even have that reaction seeing the pictures of New York City. (I assure you, though. If I went there in person, the reaction would be much, much worse. The Reapers will pay, just you wait) After all that shit, we're back here now and things are less than normal. There's still arguing going on, it's getting annoying. So to finish this off I'll put in a little side note. I hope that fucking Batarian leaves soon. I feel like I'm going to snap. I hate putting her in a position because of her fucking species and something she may not have done, but I can't trust her. She has to show me she isn't like the others, and so far I just don't like her. Her species is filled with fucking degenerates.

Our base was compromised. Collectors and Reapers arrived everywhere, destroyed everything and killed four of our own. Not until we'd killed tons of their forces. Kelce is dead, Cardozo is dead... New York is dying. We're going to have to leave. This new base we're in isn't sturdy enough, there aren't enough supplies. We'll need to fortify it and do whatever we can to continue on with our job. I've taken Iona under my wing as a Combat Engineer, even though we're both Corporals he still needs to learn things, as his position is new, and mine is... I've been a Corporal for a pretty long time, actually. I believe our next mission is to rescue Francis' fiance and a ton of other slaves from slavers. Finally a chance to do what I had always wanted to. Show those slavers not to mess with other peoples' lives. Those Batarian fucks are going to pay. For what they've done to my family, and what they've done to countless others. They need to be put down.
I feel like I'm going to go ahead and write this down now. I can't get my father out of my head. He sent me a message that I had only received once we entered New York, because of the terrible communications. His message was an apology, and I feel like I've let him down. He had nobody else but me, and I wasn't there with him when he died. He died alone and scared. If it wasn't for that fucking Batarian pirate my mother would have at least been there, alive, with him. I have to do something to ease their pain. I need to avenge my mother... Whenever we can, hopefully.
We kicked some Slaver ass and saved the slaves along with Francis' fiance. I feel happy for him, he's grateful and has joy. He has something to fight for now. I think he's becoming a real soldier.

New base, New person. New York is... gone. We're in a new base now, and there's a Salarian in STG with us, just like Uriel and I talked about. I've spoken to him after the incident with Zedrick, and he was just doing what he was taught to, so I can't really blame him all that much, even if things could've been different. He's cool, though, and talkative. I like that, I've talked with Humans much more than any aliens, and I like to spice things up a little and talk to some new people. He's respectable, has a sense of humor, and seems really good on the field. He's like a Salarian Genos, to be honest. I was able to talk with him about New York, and... He had info as to my fathers status. My father had sent me a goodbye message but I never got real confirmation, I just had to assume he died along with Brooklyn, since he hadn't sent any other messages at all. I was right, though. The Salarian (I really should learn and remember his name) told me how he was killed along with others in an attack by the Reapers. I'm sorry mom wasn't there for you when you died, dad. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you died. I'm going to make it up to you when I kill the fucker who killed mom. She died a lonely, fearful death just like you. If she wasn't killed, she would've been there with you. I'm going to make that Batarian pay... With more than his life.

[This entry can only be listened to via audio... Would you like to play this recording?] -Yes/No

Playing audio...

*Sigh* I... can't believe all the shit that's just gone down. We headed to London to gather a crucial piece of info for the Crucible. We arrive and fight out way in, killing everything in front of us. When we start leaving, Harbinger comes rushing towards us, and tries one last time to get us to surrender. It should know better. When we didn't submit to his stupidity it blasted Greene. There was nothing left once the laser was gone. We rushed into the Kodiak back home and Vicky was screaming and we were all just horrified. The commander was the best of us all. I'm still having trouble believing he's dead. Everyone else seems to think otherwise. It was like when I watched LeRouche die. Time slowed down, and I see him disappear right in front of me. After that happened... It was chaotic. Vicky screaming, everyone sad and angry, me included. The Salarian I had just met that day went out in the freezing cold, and died just trying to forget this war. The Krogan I had also just met that same day ran out, and I had calmed him down. He told me Greene was the only person who had given him a real purpose, other than Urdnot Wrex. I promised him we'll continue to give him purpose. I don't want him to die like Thax had. He means good, and Krogan like him are the ones the galaxy needs. The ones we need... Just like we needed Greene. Vicky tries to kill herself AGAIN. By now I think Vicky is straight up emotionally unstable, and needs to control her feelings. Otherwise she'll be taken down. Look, I'm sorry if you're hearing this Vicky, but the Reapers try to play off of our emotions and if you don't fix your problem you're going to be taken down, they can exploit you. Kelce kept things in check, and I was with Iona, until I was put to watching Francis for him once again being inconsiderate towards others, and being an idiot I'm getting tired of his shit, it's becoming too much. Suddenly he starts saying how he isn't a real soldier like us. Grow the fuck up and accept this shit, give yourself some self-worth, instead of accepting the hobo position you've had. Actually, fine. If you want to be thought of as trash, then I might as well treat you like trash... *Sigh* This mission had a rough impact on us all... It's going to be hard to sleep tonight, and this cold only makes it worse. I'm going to keep on fighting for Greene and my fellow soldiers, and I'm hoping everyone else will do the same. It's time to stop running and start giving the Reapers twice the amount of pain they've given us. I'm not letting them get away with this, and I need everyone else with me if we are to have a chance. To anyone who comes across this please make sure we aren't broken by this. We need to become stronger.

Wow... Just got back recently and found this old datapad while cleaning my armor off... I should thank whoever did that for me. I've returned from my time away from the 2nd MSRC to fight in New York and rescue civilians from the Reapers desecrating my home. It was chaos there. So much black, ruin, ash, destruction, death, screaming. It was hard seeing my home town reduced to nothing... I couldn't even see my fathers corpse. After all that hell I went back to where I am meant to be. Where I want to be. With my friends and family. I missed some real interesting adventures when I was in New York. Adande survived Harbinger and is just as amazing as he always was. Heard a Geth saved him. Invictus. Wish I could have met him... It would help make up for Multis... At least I'm back where I belong, and I look forward towards being with my comrades once again.

Eventful day. First we head out to answer some kind of call we got from CAT6... Some kind of trade. I don't trust those phsycopaths, but whatever the commander says goes. I don't think they'll be around all that much longer. After that me, Genos, Iona, Thatcher, and some Quarian I never met. (She ended up getting picked up by a Harvester in a blizzard... She's dead now) We go scavenging for supplies, and damn did we find the motherload. Genos was almost taken down by a Venator. It pushes him to the water, and Turians can't swim, so Thatcher, Iona and I dove in and brought him onto land, where he killed the stupid thing. Once supplies are back at base, we fortify until we're called to go to Russia and complete an objective of Iona's. I felt really glad that he was doing what he needed to do, and I only hope I get my chance soon. I've talked to him before and I knew what he went through, and it only seemed right that a man like that gets some backpay. We had a slight detour, though, as we found a Turian who was part of a scavenging group and ended up coming with us. He told us about some scientists who were doing important work. Not sure what it is they were doing, but they got their data and left in a Kodiak. Then we found Iona's father and got some answers out of him. Turned out his dad was already suffering. He was old and lonely, and understood the wrong things he had done. Iona made peace with his father, and now they've got some things to talk about. I'm happy for him, he deserves happiness after all that's happened to him. Get some peace, Iona... You deserve it.

We left on the Constantinople, and Greene told me why. We're going to find Dhemen and put an end to him. Stop all the murders and stealing and brutality... my mother will be able to rest easy soon.She has dad with her, I hope. I know they probably wouldn't have wanted me to go after the killer like this but I feel like I have no choice. I can't let him go because otherwise he'll keep doing what he does and that can't be allowed to happen. It's what I joined military for. On the other hand, he needs to pay for killing an innocent mother in the hopes of gaining some fucking credits. I don't know what I'm going to do when I get to him, all I want is to be able to finish him myself, let me be the one to avenge my mother. This is something I need to do... It's his fault my dad died alone and scared, it's his fault my mother died the same. I should blind him one eye at a time. Maybe I will.. but some of my friends probably wouldn't want to see me like that. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I'm going to do it. He will die by my hand, I just haven't decided on whether it will be slow, so he could feel the pain my family endured, or quick to get it all over with... I'm still working on that. I thank Greene so much for giving me this chance. It's the best chance I've ever had, and I won't forget it. When this mission is over, I'll do what I promised, and improve my efficiency and clear my mind for the war. Thank you, Greene. For everything you've given me, and everything you've done for me.

I don't know what to think. I'm once again having conflictions over myself with this Batarian even after he's dead... Not like I can do anything about that now. It was a rough ride, but we made it to Dhemen's ship, and we shot up a lot of pirates. There were Krogan, Vorcha, Batarians, and a ton of other shit to deal with but we got through them. Apparently he had enslaved some Quarians and was pretty much torturing them. I have no idea what for, but I don't want to know. It couldn't be good, that's for sure. We freed the Quarians and got them gunning with us. It felt pretty cool, really. It seemed to happen so fast, but we rushed over to find the asshole in charge. Turned out we found him. He just stood there, looking at me. All he said was "I know your eyes.". I knew it was him, and I acted. Part of me wanted to guilt him into what he did, but I saw how careless he was. He didn't give a shit, and he was waiting for me to delay so he could get us killed, so I reacted. It was all a red haze, I just acted without thought. I had taken out my omni-blade and demolished him. I grabbed him and stabbed him in the chest, turning my blade like a key in a lock to make sure he was dead, sliced his throat open and threw his body down, stomped on it and burned the remains... It's not something I ever want to do again. I had blood all over me and just stood there watching his body burn. I couldn't hear anything else, nothing else mattered. I noticed his omni-tool had set off a self-destruct sequence on the ship and that snapped me out of it. I immedeately turned and yelled at everyone that it was time to leave, and we needed to get the fuck out. We ran as fast as we could and managed to get everyone out safely as the ship blew up. On the ride back I didn't feel any regret... But I still felt disgust. I'm not making any apologies for the way I killed him. I thought it was the best thing I could do. I killed him quickly, giving him less pain to endure even though he fucking deserved it, and I was able to get all my rage out of my body as well. I just hope that everyone can agree with my thinking. I don't want to lose respect from anyone and I certainly don't want to lose any friends over this... Because if I do, then the whole trip wasn't worth it, and I did this for a reason. I hope I didn't disappoint my parents by acting this way. I hope I don't have to go through this ever again.

My second mission as an SvC and shit hits the fan thanks to the Reapers. I was in charge of keeping a town secure and guarded while the rest of the teams gather and rescue a different unit. I tried my best with whatever I could, and we ended up having to wait for Primus and Greene mostly, since a sniper was holding us down and kept us pinned. When one sniper was confirmed dead, I took Octis with me to try and look for better cover so we wouldn't be pinned again, and it didn't turn out well. What happened was we were searching buildings and found seemingly no good advantages, and Octis was shot in the leg by another sniper and couldn't walk. I had to rush him inside our compound and apply whatever medi-gel I could to stop the bleeding and get him on his feet. It worked, for a while at least. He was at least able to get out and that's good enough for me. I had Thatcher look after him while Doyle and I took care of the Cannibal forces that were coming in from around us. Primus comes back chasing one of the Krogan Reapers and we get off the building as quickly as possible. Except Thatcher wasn't quick enough, because he was grabbed and slammed right through the floor. We kill the thing and call a Kodiak and take everyone in and leave just in time. When we return I help bring Octis to the med-bay so he can be healed up, and Greene calls a meeting. He showed us all a note from Banner, and... It was a note from him confirming his death. He wanted us to stay strong and not let this affect us, and I'm going to do that for him. Once the meeting ends and Octis is good enough, I talked to him about how I felt about that situation. He was under my command, which meant he was under my care and he was injured. I guess I had let it hit a little harder since it was a friend getting hurt, but I still cared. He told me that it wasn't too big a deal, and helped me realize that this shit happens. It's something Greene deals with a lot, and he makes it through, and I have to as well. Since nobody had been killed or hurt worse, I'll need to take it as a lesson and make sure it doesn't happen again. I can't let things like this get to me, it's not what a good leader does. I'm going to fix my mistakes and get past these things and stand strong, for everyone.

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