[ARCHIVED] Hostile Forces Library: Cerberus ground forces

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[ARCHIVED] Hostile Forces Library: Cerberus ground forces

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The following information lists all known Cerberus units and their reported abilities, weaknesses, and tactics.


-Infantry Units-


Centurions are Cerberus's front-line tacticians. They are meant to enact the lllusive Man's strategic goals, although it is clear that they have leeway to adapt as an encounter develops.

The only useful intelligence that the Alliance has gathered on centurions relates to their armament. Each centurion carries an M-96 Mattock heavy rifle modified to launch smoke grenades, leaving enemies vulnerable to crossfire.

Abilities: Centurions are equipped with M-96 Mattock assault rifles that are modified to fire smoke grenades. They're also equipped with Frag Grenades. Finally, they can attack their enemies in melee with electrified batons, which are far more powerful than ones given to Assault Troopers.

Weakness: Shield draining powers or ammo is recommended to take down their shields, before finishing them like a normal Cerberus Trooper.

Tactics: Centurions act the same as normal Assault Troopers, save for their higher damage resistance and smoke grenades.

Assault Trooper

Assault troopers are the backbone of Cerberus forces. Those candidates who make it through the grueling basic training are submitted to an intensive psychological program that renders them fearless, disciplined, and unrelenting. Outfitted with custom-designed armor and rifles, these soldiers function with determined precision and practiced teamwork.

The first to rush into a fight, assault troopers often work in tandem with more powerful units. They make strategic use of this scenario, keeping their opponents occupied until it is too late to react to the combined Cerberus force bearing down on them.

Abilities: Assault Troopers can be equipped with Hornet submachine guns or Avenger assault rifles. They're also equipped with electrified batons, which can stun or decimate shields depending on their target.

Weakness: These units have no shielding, or concept of fear, which may make them seem suicidal.

Tactics: Assault Troopers prefer to attack from range, but will engage in melee with their batons if needed.

Guardian Trooper

Guardians, the Cerberus equivalent of human tanks, are slow-moving soldiers who carry enormous polycrystalline-composite shields. The weight of the shield requires an armored suit equipped with hydraulic assists and a dedicated power supply. Combining this exceptional protection with a suite of enviromapping systems, guardians focus on flanking opponents to flush them from cover.

A Guardian's slow but relentless approach is intended to demoralize enemies as well as draw their fire, but rip away their shield, and guardians become little more than cannon fodder.

Abilities: Guardians are often equipped with either Carnifexes or Talons depending on their theatre of combat.

Weakness: These units' backsides are extremely weak, and their armor systems can be hacked.

Tactics: Guardians will come in close with other forces behind, providing cover for their comrades.

-Support Units-

Combat Engineer

Cerberus combat engineers are specialized support units that assist primary forces while staying out of the line of fire. They wear lighter armor than the typical Cerberus combatant, using a modified mesh that allows greater mobility. Under cover and out of sight, engineers focus on setting up and maintaining turrets as well as repairing mechanical units or armored allies. When confronted, they return fire only for as long as it takes them to find cover again and let front-line combat personnel take over.

Although engineers are not particularly dangerous on their own, the Alliance specifically warns troops to remain alert for turrets, which can mow down an entire squad while the engineer escapes.

Abilities: Engineers wield powerful tech abilities, and a Predator sidearm.

Weakness: Their armor is the weakest of any Cerberus unit, but their abilities and turrets make up for it.

Tactics: Combat engineers will place turrets at chokepoints, or provide tech support for Cerberus squads.


The Nemesis is a Cerberus sniper specialist. Customized implants allow the nemesis to withstand the crippling kickback of the M-98 Widow antimateriel [sic] rifle, turning a redoubtable opponent into a force capable of inflicting instant death. A suite of high-tech scanning equipment makes the sniper adept at maintaining cover, meaning a nemesis is usually spotted only after opening fire--assuming the target survives the first round.

Because of self-destruct mechanisms that activate upon the sniper's death, the Alliance has never retrieved an example of nemesis augmentation technology. This fact, combined with Cerberus forces' penchant for suicide when faced with capture, has made scientific study of their implants impossible.

Abilities: Nemeses are armed with a M-13 Raptor sniper rifle with a laser sight.

Weakness: Nemeses do not pay attention to surroundings whilst firing. Most units should attempt to flank and destroy the Nemesis.

Tactics: Nemeses will set up a chokepoint, naturally pinning down units until someone pokes their head out long enough to get a shot off.

-Heavy Units-

Atlas Mech

With the Atlas, Cerberus's research arm has combined the deadly armor and firepower of a YMIR mech with the tactical superiority of a trained human pilot. An element zero core allows the Atlas to be air-dropped onto a battlefield with minimal impact damage. Its thick armor includes a robust transparent canopy made from a polycrystalline composite proprietary to Cerberus. Alliance engineers hypothesize that the material is some kind of synthetic sapphire composed with interlayers to resist cracking and thermal damage.

Although the Atlas is somewhat unwieldy in the field, its antipersonnel autocannon and ability to shrug off damage from anything short of a heavy weapon makes it a fearsome opponent. Heavy loss of life is to be expected in any unprepared encounter with this unit.

Abilities: A mounted autocannon arm, a missile launcher, and a powerful fist are trademarks of this unit.

Weakness: Their glass cockpit and rear core are weakpoints.

Tactics: Atlases will charge directly into melee range, or decimate from afar.


Little is known of the Cerberus Dragoons, other than their thick armor and biotic lashes. Their insides seems to destroy themselves on death, making research against this enemy particularly difficult.

Abilities: The biotic abilities of any normal biotic, combined with thick armor and specially tailored biotic lashes.

Weakness: The rear armor is thin, making it easier to penetrate.

Tactics: Dragoons often close in for the kill, exerting themselves to the point of death to kill the enemy.

-Stealth Units-


Phantoms are agile Cerberus agents with a wide array of offensive and defensive capabilities, including particular specialization in evasive maneuvers and firing from cover. Although intelligence on their implants still evades the Alliance, phantoms are known to be able to create a personal barrier for greater protection.

Monomolecular blades and biotic shielding allow phantoms to engage in close-quarters combat, and phantoms can briefly cloak in order to recover from injuries. Because of this ability, the Alliance recommends personal confirmation of a phantom's death.

Abilities: Phantoms are deadly in melee combat. They are armed with monomolecular blades that they use to deliver lethal strikes; a single direct stab from their swords can kill instantly. They also possess a powerful semi-automatic projectile-based weapon in their right gauntlet, from which they shoot kinetic-based projectiles with deadly accuracy from the palm. They slash their swords once or sometimes twice in quick succession, destroying shields and often health in very little time. Melee combat is strongly discouraged unless the Phantom's sword is broken.

Weakness: The rear armor is thin, making it easier to penetrate, along with being vulnerable to strong biotic abilities.

Tactics: Phantoms will normally draw in and attempt to stagger you with their melee attacks, which leaves your character open for a direct stab. Moving away far enough denies them their stab attack, but they can still kill you with their sword and gauntlet shots.


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