[ARCHIVED] Hostiles Forces Library: Reaper ground forces

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[ARCHIVED] Hostiles Forces Library: Reaper ground forces

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The following information lists all known Reaper units and their reported abilities, weaknesses, and tactics.


-Infantry Units-


Cannibals are front-line Reaper units created from corrupted batarians. The nickname refers to their propensity to devour the bodies of fallen comrades. This triggers a biochemical process through which the cannibals spontaneously heal themselves and grow new chitinous armor. The transformation also appears to give cannibals a greater awareness of their surroundings, leading to more strategic behavior and careful use of battlefield cover.

Abilities: Ability to consume biomass to reinforce themselves and regain stamina to continue fighting, Small-arms style arm cannons.

Weaknesses: Normal units process no armor. Fire greatly burns away their mass. Almost all kinds of weapons damage Cannibals with ease. Armored units take more rounds to put down.

Tactics: Cannibals will often disregard cover to devour a corpse, leaving them open to attack. Shooting them quickly will prevent them from growing armor plates. Incendiary Ammo is a good idea when engaging large numbers of Husks and Cannibals; the bodies of the dead will burn away, leaving no corpse for the Cannibal to devour; using Cryo Ammo can shatter the body upon death, which also leaves no corpse for the Cannibal to consume.


Husks are the aggressive, mindless foot soldiers of the Reaper armies. They are created by impaling either living or dead humans on mechanical spikes that rapidly extract water and trace minerals and replace them with cybernetics. These cybernetics reanimate the lifeless flesh and tissue, transforming the bodies into horrifying killing machines.

The Reapers use large groups of husks to overwhelm the enemy. The husks' inability to feel pain, as well as their tendency to attack in groups, makes them particularly deadly adversaries.

Abilities: Some units are able to burst shields with the power of the electrical conduits that power their bodies. Dangerous in numbers, Marauders can channel bio-mass armor onto their bodies for a greater resistance to gunfire.

Weakness: Any sort of focused firearms gunfire, Incendiary rounds.

Tactics: Cut them down before they group up into numbers. Keep them at a distance. Destroy dragon's teeth to stop production of units.


Marauders are harvested turians that command and protect other Reaper troops. The lean, armored creatures present a significant threat in and of themselves, but they are especially dangerous when leading a Reaper task force.

Alliance marines have observed marauders fortifying husks and cannibals by enveloping them in a ribbon of energy that forms a scabby shell of armor. For this reason, when Alliance soldiers encounter a marauder alongside husks or cannibals, standing orders are to target the marauder first.

Abilities: Wields a variety of firearms. Ability to generate biomass into other reaper units such as Husks and Cannibals to give them a layer of armor. Commands units on the battlefield.

Weakness: Shield-draining attacks, Headshots.

Tactics: It is advisable to make Marauders a priority unless there are Brutes around. Marauders that are not busy firing or taking cover will give armored plating to Husks and Cannibals. This process takes several seconds and has a distinctive sound and look. Any damage to either the Marauder or the recipient will interrupt it.


-Support Units-


Ravagers are former rachni that the Reapers have transformed into heavy artillery through a process of implantation and genetic modification. As walking organic turrets, they can sustain and inflict considerable damage.

Ravagers bear egg sacs that continuously spawn swarmers. If the sacs are destroyed, either during combat or upon the ravager's death, their entire contents burst forth to charge the enemy and explode on contact. A dead ravager expels a caustic gas and an acidic puddle.

Abilities: Ravagers are armed with two powerful long-range cannons that they fire in three-round bursts. They will continually spawn small numbers of Swarmers(See below) to harass their foes. When a Ravager dies it leaves behind a smoking pile of acid goop that causes environmental damage to any of its foes who step in it.

Weakness: Their sacs hide vulnerable weak spots. However, they also produce swarmers when destroyed. Think cautiously before engaging their weak spots.

Tactics: The Ravager's guns have a brisk rate of fire, high accuracy, and deal significant damage, making them lethal at long range. However, they will rarely fire their weapons at close range, instead preferring to retreat to a safe distance. If engaged at melee range, the Ravager will intentionally burst a sac of Swarmers, and this can quickly overpower your shields. Targeting lasers can be seen just before a Ravager fires its guns. Use this to your advantage by quickly getting into cover to avoid getting hit.


(Pictured above below the Ravager)

Swarmers are synthetic-organic creatures presumably derived from Rachni Workers and mutated by Reaper technology. Swarmers can be spawned by puncturing one of the large orange sacs found on Ravagers or by destroying Gestation Pods.

Abilities: They spew acid when in close range and can hinder shield regeneration.

Weakness: A good stomp or small-arms fire will kill them.

Tactics: Swarmers are volatile in large groups and can hinder shield regeneration with constant attacks. Namely, Swarmers attack by a suicide leap at the player, damaging with both the explosion and a little bit of acid damage-over-time. Slow-moving and fragile, these small targets are easy to miss. Since Swarmers tend to appear in groups, attacks with an area of effect are generally effective in dealing with them.


Venators are Vorchas that have been transformed into a mixture of synthetic and organic abominations by the reapers. They hold the resistance and stamina of a machine with the Vorcha's cell regeneration genetics. With these two combined, they become a deadly foe to engage by themselves.

Venators are rare among the Reapers due to the Reaper's inability to harvest their homeworld of Heshtok due to the Vorcha's warlike nature and cell regeneration. So they blocked their world off to harvest after the galaxy had been conquered. All Vorchas caught outside of Heshtok are quickly captured and turned into Venators.

Abilities: Accelerated regeneration and stamina, Claws and teeth augmented to slice through the thickest of armor with ease. Increased mobility. High-pitched screech alerts nearby reaper units and disorientates foes.

Weakness: Incendiary ammunition

Tactics: Engage with a group of marines so that you aren't picked off one by one. The Venator is known for being a stalker and a hunter. They will not engage in direct conflict unless proven necessary. They have been observed to survive near fatal attacks and seem to survive the gravest of injuries. A confirmed kill spot is destroying the head or severing it.


A support unit of reaper that was harvested from a quarian. They are known for being identified by their eerie sobbing and crying. They appear to have lost most of their organic material in replacement for synthetic tissue and armaments. They are made in such a way that allows for storage within their backs for grenades. They are also known to greatly support infantry soldiers with their advance abilities.

Lastly, if a reaper were in need of having a thrall device constructed and planted. Opifexs are usually put in charge of delivering them or constructing them. The quarians who were exiled or did not answer the Migrant Fleet's call to arms remained in hostile territories where they were most likely captured by the reapers and harvested.

Abilities: Two sentrys act as guardians which provide defensive, offensive and support abilities. Such as shield boosting, flamethrowers and self-destructing. Opifexs are also known for being able to boost infantry units to cause them to be more durable and deal more damage at close range. Lastly, they are able to resurrect dead units by draining their own energy supply to give life back to units. Including heavy units.

Weakness: Very weak to physical attacks. Incendiary ammo.

Tactics: They are usually one or two in a squad of reapers. Be sure to destroy their sentries first to greatly weaken them and make them defenseless. This will stop them from being able to shield themselves.

-Heavy Units-


The brute is a hulking amalgamation of turian and krogan victims of the Reapers. Because tissue from dextro-protein species like the turians is incompatible with levo-protein species like the krogan, implants regulate the brute's body chemistry to combat organ rejection.

It is the fusion of turian military skill and krogan blood rage that makes the brute such a formidable enemy, capable of destroying armored vehicles to get to the soldiers inside. Troops are advised to keep their distance, and, whenever possible, not engage a brute alone.

Abilities: Accelerated strength and stamina. Massive size, Krogan rage, Dense armor.

Weakness: Cyro ammo and Incendiary ammo will destroy their extra platings. Allowing for damage to be dealt to them. Sustained gunfire or heavy weapons can deal massive damage..

Tactics: Once you spot a Brute, concentrate most of your fire on it as it can kill you and your team very quickly. Avoid close-quarters combat at all costs. Maintain a safe distance from a Brute at all times. Better yet, keep some obstacles between you and the Brute, so it can't harm you even if it charges at you. An easy mistake when you're new to Brutes is forgetting to run away and open distance from time to time--doubly so if you're fighting ONLY a Brute, as the Brute has no ranged attack, so you can just stay on the move and remain untouched. If the Brute is accompanied by a few ranged allies, you can often use powers to suppress and distract them while you move away from the Brute.


Banshees are the corrupted asari often found leading a Reaper strike force. The Reapers create them specifically from asari with active or latent predispositions to becoming Ardat-Yakshi, a rare neurological condition that enhances the asari's biotic power while causing the immediate death of anyone she mates with.

Lumbering as though in constant pain, the emaciated banshees are surprisingly durable opponents. They are devastating biotics able to hurl lethal balls of energy and create shockwaves as they regenerate. What Alliance military finds most disturbing is the Banshee's ability to spawn her own warp field and seemingly teleport during combat. Although their wails have no apparent physiological effect, the psychological impact is undeniable.

When banshees die, their Ardat-Yakshi genetics twist against them, causing a biotic implosion to ensure they evade capture.

Abilities: Advance biotic abilities such as teleport, warp and shockwave can knock down multiple marines or destroy shields in seconds. They are known to grab units and impale them, killing the unit instantly.

Weakness: Shield draining powers or ammo is recommended to take down her barriers and expose herself. Headshots deal considerable amounts of damage. Counter-biotics can attempt to direct powers back to her.

Tactics: Besides its deadly melee and shield depleting abilities, even a single Banshee will always have other faster moving units, including Brutes, accompanying it, so be prepared to fight a mobile battle and be aware of your surroundings so you won't be swarmed or boxed in. It is advisable to outright leave a Banshee alone and kill other enemies first. As long as you maintain a good distance and avoid its warp, it can't really do any lethal damage.


Formally known unoffically as the Onocentarus, These krogan have been recycled for use in order to pump out more harvested krogans faster than Brute units since they only require one krogan to manufacture. They are known as heavy shock troopers who wield a shotgun capable of tearing through armor with pulse rounds and switching to a dangerous, plasma flamethrower that can pass through shields like a knife through butter. When they are heavily damaged they enter the krogan equivalent of blood rage and will go into a frenzy before finally detonating as a suicide unit with a incendiary explosion.

Abilities: Able to spew fire from it's mouth, Krogan blood rage, Suicidal detonation near death. Increased strength, Heavy armor.

Weakness: Wires are coiled around underneath the Zerker's armor, Severing these wires will cause it to explode quicker than usual with a much smaller explosion. Cyro ammo has a odd effect on Zerkers, Their armor will freeze and break away from the cold while Incendiary rounds will not affect it's armor.

Tactics: Keep the Zerker at a distance and work on removing it's plates with sustained gunfire. Rupture it's wires that are coiled underneath and it will be a quick kill. If the Zerker manages to close in, Try using cyro to slow it down. One other weak point is the Krogan's natural weakpoint which lays underneath the scale on the top of their heads. Removing the harden chitin on the top of their heads will allow for a near instant kill.



The Petrius is the harvested version of a Salarian. They are known to be used as sniper and marksman units due to their decreased endurance but heighten dexterity. They possess several pairs of eyes to keep watch all around their perimeter. They carry rifles made out of reaper materials that are able to track thermal signatures and rip through walls and shields like butter.

More data required to access.


End of file.

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Re: [ARCHIVED] Hostiles Forces Library: Reaper ground forces

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Re: [ARCHIVED] Hostiles Forces Library: Reaper ground forces

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HEAVY HOSTILE ADDED:: Zerker, Formally known as Onocentarus,


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Re: [ARCHIVED] Hostiles Forces Library: Reaper ground forces

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