Time Jump Commencing

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Time Jump Commencing

Post by Mister Vasili on Fri Jun 10, 2016 12:19 pm

That's right we're going to be doing our time jump now. This announcement will be divided into an OOC explanation as to what's going to happen and then there will be another IC section added by Scout when he gets home today that is going to explain everything that happened ICly during the time jump.

The jump is going to be a three month long one, meaning three IC months will pass by. During these three months several events will occur which will be explained in the IC part of this announcement. This time jump is going to progress us into the Mid Reaper War, we just got through the beginning of the war which was three weeks we spent in game, we're hoping to make the mid war the longest part of the war, making it at least about one and a half months, maybe two for IC time. After this we'll progress into late war but that's for later. Maps will not be changing for our base of operations, it will continue to have a gritty combat zone feel.

That would be all for OOC information, keep an eye out for when scout gets home so you can see the IC update to this announcement.


The 2nd MSRC has dug into it's frontier in Chicago. Now stuck in the area, they have continued to fight for three brutal months. During this time, they have spilled alot of Reaper blood but this has not come without a cost. 

The battleground is shifting, and now - news of the Catalyst, a Prothean device meant to destroy the Reapers, is now under fully construction. All efforts have gone to it's completion, and the 2nd MSRC now have full comms to other armies, fleets, and in some cases planets.

The 2nd MSRC underwent several operations in these three months, mainly civilian rescues in cities such as Berlin and Madrid. 

Now, the Constantinople is safely secured in an offsite hanger by itself distant from most fighting. This will allow the marines to now use the Constantinople to deploy offworld and in other operations.

In the three months, several marines were lost.

Pv2 Ryan Birch and Pv2 Alex Foster were both killed in a mass husk assault on the trenches. They were last seen being dragged away from the trench and quickly placed on nearby spikes, the spikes impaled them, they were ripped to pieces by the spikes and were swifty turned into husks that would later have to be killed by the marines.

Pv2 Viella Marshall was killed on the field in Berlin, as the company was evacing, a reaper fired it's beam into Marshall, vaporizing her instantly and leaving no trace of her behind. 

Lastly, Pv2 Hart Hockins was killed by a Ravager, it's powerful weaponary hit Hockins head on before he was able to reach cover, and as a result he was annilihated by the Ravager.

Now, the 2nd MSRC continue their current objectives, surviving day by day and completing additional objectives as they come. With the Constantinople's new state, Greene has stated that they are ready to deploy more often, as they were only able to deploy twice long distances with long Kodiak rides.

It has been three months since the Reapers arrived, and Earth has lost 162 million lives, but the fight continues for the galaxy - and for Earth.
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Re: Time Jump Commencing

Post by drewsane12 on Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:17 pm


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