Rachel Elizabeth's Final notes

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Rachel Elizabeth's Final notes

Post by Sargo922 on Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:20 pm

After going through Rachel's belongings to prepare for her funeral, you discover a small black handbook, her name printed in gold letters on the front, you decide to open it, finding several entries

Hello, if you're reading this, then I've probablly fallen in battle, either by enemy action or my own. I decided earlier on, after seeing so many of us fall already, to leave something behind for the people I came to know as my family. I've written an entry for every person in the squad that I had the pleasure of meeting and serving along. Whether you decide for to read this aloud or in private is up to you, but I would request that everyone be given a chance to read it.

Flynt Cole Thatcher
Flynt...Ever since we met, I always felt something towards you, a tug or pull, even when I ended up seeing Winters for a few months. I knew that as time went on, this feeling would get stronger, and I'm happy that it did, I finally got to see that side of you that I'd been waiting for since day 1. Now I know me leaving is the last thing you wanted, but don't blame yourself for what happened to me, don't take out anything on your friends and comrades, they're there to support and care for you.

I also assume that Vernon tried his best to save me, and I would like for you to tell him how grateful I was to him, I know we may not have been on the right foot together, but whenever we were in the field, I viewed him as a marine with no equal, and I always respected him there.

I don't want you to change because of this, it's not fair to me and not fair to the others, I want you to be the same, fun, loving and caring man you were when we met, and I want you to promise that you'll live on, for me, and everyone we've lost.

I love  you with all my heart Flynt Cole Thatcher, I'll be waiting for you as long as it takes, watching as you live, for both of us.

Adande Greene
Adande, you've been something I aspired to be throughout my time on this ship, I know that I may not have always lived up to that goal, but I always tried my hardest. You inspired me in both being a person and a leader, when you told me that you were promoting me for standing against Banner, I was honestly shocked, but I now realize that you don't pick a leader because of their skills or their qualifications, you pick them because of their heart, their drive.

Please don't let Flynt fall because of this, I know he'll take it the hardest out of all of us, and what I said about you guys being my family? I mean't every word, I may not be there, but I will always be watching, wishing you the very best, and praying that you all continue to live, for all of us here.

Cana'Xeemma vas Constantinople
Cana, you adorable, affectionate and amazing Quarian, ever since we met, we've been friends from the start, and I am very happy that I was able to meet someone like you, I've never really had a friendship with a Quarian, and being around you were some of the best times of my life, I'm very happy for you and Kelce, believe me, and I wish you the very best, you were like a sister to me Cana, I'll never forget it, thank you. PS: The next time you watch Fleet and Flotilla, I'll be there as well, watching alongside you.

Martin Banner
Banner, we've had our differences since day 1, I know that, and at times I tried to fix it, and others I made it worse, but now, looking back on all that, I think I'd be a completely different person without you there to balance out what made me what I am, being that force or wall that shaped me into the woman I am. Thank you Martin, I'll never forget what you did for me, even if you didn't mean to. Keep them safe for me, all of them.

Victoria Morello
Vicky, I know our meeting may not have been the best, and I apologize for that, but you are one of the sweetest people I can think of, you're friendly, a bit feisty, and honestly somebody I enjoyed being around. I'm glad that you and Greene are together, I think you two make a great couple. Please be sure to help take care of Cana and Flynt for me, I fear that they'll take my loss the hardest...Thank you for everything Victoria, I'll miss you.

Jason Kelce
When I first met you Jason, I'll be honest, I didn't think we'd get along, a relationship I shared with Travis, however, as time went on, I got to know you more, and I saw you weren't like him, you were better, and were willing to atone for any mistakes you did. You even got together with Cana, which I think is amazing. Take care of her, and the others for me, will you? If you don't I'll haunt you from the grave. But in all seriousness, please take care of them. Espiscally Cana and Flynt. It'd mean so much to me. PS: I have decided to have half of my total earnings, 15000 credits, to you and Cana, for you to collect when you wish, the rest have gone to Flynt.

Kyle Vernon
Originally I planned to leave you out of this book, however, recent events have made me change this, I know that I may have been in the wrong in how I pursued you, but I was only doing what I thought necessary to protect my family. You were apart of that family too Vernon, you always will be. I'll never forget the times we shared, but the ones where we acted like friends, will be the ones I cherish very much. Keep them safe and alive Kyle, please.

To all others of the Constantinople
I didn't have the time to write everyone in the book, however, you all mean so much to me, I viewed each of you different, like a brother; sister; comrade; friend; You were all family to me. There is nobody I would replace or trade out, you all made my time amongst you the greatest years of my life, I went from having nothing to having everything I could ever need, a caring, loving family, that I would happily, and gladly, give my life to protect. I'll be waiting and watching you. Good bye, everyone.


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