Pv2 Nathaniel Graves [K.I.A]

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Pv2 Nathaniel Graves [K.I.A]

Post by Father Gaster on Fri Jun 03, 2016 12:23 pm

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Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

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Unit Name:
Nathaniel Graves

Unit Gender:

Unit Species:

Unit Ranking:
Private Second Class

Physical Appearance:
Nathaniel stands at six feet tall, weighing in at around one hundred and seventy pounds. He has a head of short black hair that is graying in certain areas at the tip, likely from high stress induction over his lifetime. He has blue colored eyes with facial area growing around the jaw and above his lips. He has a muscular body build that has a few scars here and there, the most notable being a large slash like scar on his back. He typically wears a worker's uniform when not wearing his armor.

Unit Vocals:
Nathaniel's voice (Peter Dinklage) is usually laden with a serious tone, with occasional hints of sarcasm. He usually speaks in a formal tone though it has a tendency to change during deployment to something more informal. While he wears his helmet his voice becomes vocoded.

Marine General Information.

Unit training:  
Alliance Marine Training

Unit Assignment:
SSV Constantinople

Operational Status:

Unit Casualty Status:

Previous Post:
SSV Hades, Terminus System

Unit MOS:

Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Systems Alliance
Liked Factions: Turians, Quarians, Asari
Disliked Factions: Krogans, Salarians
Neutral Factions: Geth
Hostile Factions: Reapers, Batarian Slavers, Cerberus

Unit Personnel Relationships

Lieutenant Commander Greene - Ranking Officer and a Spectre as well. With that ranking and training it's hard not to respect the man. I look forward to serving his unit under his leadership.


Iona Petrov - He seems a bit slow on certain things, not in a bad way, but slow. He seems like a pretty stable soldier.

Victoria Morello - Friendly, maybe a little too friendly. Don't know how well she will handle under high stress combat ops.





Unit History:


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