General Military Communication Form from Major A. Warren

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General Military Communication Form from Major A. Warren

Post by Mister Vasili on Wed Jun 01, 2016 6:13 pm

Lieutenant Commander Adande Greene, commander of the Second Marine Special Reconnaissance Company, this is Major Arthur Warren, commander of First Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division and commander of Federal Base VA-12 or Fort Douglas. I have received Field Marshal Hewitt’s permission to assign your company this mission. I’d like to explain this all to you fast.

First off, Fort Douglas is an underground supercomplex containing an entire brigade of soldiers and double that amount in civilians. Strategically, it holds a much greater purpose, this facility is armed with Electronic Counter-Measures (ECM) which has been able to mask movement in the entire state of Virginia which has attributed to the amount of civilians we have here, many other bases can say the same because of this bases equipment.

Here’s our problem, two days ago there was a major malfunction with our ECM . We’d been linking it to several local power sources across the state for temporary boosts. While we were doing one of these boosts, a major damage to a power grid occurred and the energy was immediately redirected towards our base overloading the ECM and actually sending out a power signal. The Reapers used that to find our general area and commenced an orbital bombardment. Thankfully, they couldn’t localize us and any beams that did hit close to us did no damage. They eventually gave up the bombardment but now we have a new problem.

Outlying outposts went dark. Quick. We weren’t able to receive their transmissions before they went dark and all the outposts together was about half of a battalion, those are troops I most likely don’t have anymore. Worse than that, their outposts were stations to transit civilians to Douglas, whoever was there at the time most likely perished. It’s not the worst part, local militia groups reported Reaper vessels landing around where one of our outposts were, 2 miles out from Douglas. This outpost has info on Douglas’ location.

Here is where your company comes in, the most likely staging point for a Reaper assault force to attack Douglas is around a small outpost 2 miles away from Douglas. My brigade is too spread out across the area and the rest are needed to defend in the event of an attack. I need to know the exact location of that staging area. Knowing where they are will go a very long way in fortifications, traps, ambushes and artillery to soften the enemy assault force before they reach Douglas.

You’re the best suited unit for this job and the only one I can get for it right now. I have confidence in your ability and so does every soldier and every man woman and child who you fight for.

Allied Assets: Artillery Barrage, inaccurate but effective.
Fort Douglas Missile Silos, very accurate, only a single rocket with a good explosive yield. We have three available.
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