Modeler hired!

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Modeler hired!

Post by Scout on Fri May 27, 2016 1:00 pm

12:09 PM - |EUPRP-O| Scout: Hello
12:10 PM - TFA: Hi, I added you regarding the modeling work
12:10 PM - |EUPRP-O| Scout: Thanks for contacting me! I'm assuming that you'd be able to work on the models?
12:11 PM - TFA: It'd take me 2-3 hours for each
12:11 PM - TFA: I can get them done with their original proportions and weighting, meaning stretching will be minimal and they'll preserve their height as ragdolls

12:20 PM - TFA: Sounds good to me.  I'm in the south/central US, so I'll be starting tonight at around 6:00 CST with a break for dinner and such, and can probably finish tommorow or the day after

12:24 PM - TFA: Alright, thanks!  I'm excited to start on these models, since I'll be able to preserve the original rigging from the game and thus deliver quality as if you were playing the actual game.
12:25 PM - |EUPRP-O| Scout: Thats great! I'm very happy you contacted me and we were able to get straight to work.

12:25 PM - TFA: I'll also polish up the materials and such too to make em nice and shiny
12:25 PM - TFA:
12:25 PM - TFA: an example of the quality I can etch out of Source

12:27 PM - TFA: I'm glad we could get something worked out so quickly and smoothly Smile
12:27 PM - |EUPRP-O| Scout: Me too - I'll speak to you later and thanks again!

Snippets from our conversation, it was much longer then this. Just wanted to let you know that we hired a great modeler that can deliver us high-qaulity models. I've already paid a down payment for his work and we agreed to a price pretty quickly. Expect us to have working Reaper Infantry models in a few days! Hopefully this relationship between him and our community continues and we work together for longer.

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Re: Modeler hired!

Post by Kravis on Fri May 27, 2016 1:08 pm

Good to hear. Someone willing to help is usually rare nowandays

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