Cpl Iona Petrov [K.I.A]

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Cpl Iona Petrov [K.I.A]

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Unit Identification Information.

Unit Name: Iona Tepid Petrov
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: Corporal

Physical Appearance: 5'10 / Mid Thirties / Faded Hazel Eyes / Somewhat Muscular Body / Dress Uniform / Black, Short Hair / Rough Shaved Beard / Ring on his Right Hand / Small Scar on Left Cheek / Avenger On Back / Tempest on Let Side / Predator Holstered on Right Side /

Dress Uniform: A standard Issue Dress uniform housed by the SSV Constantinople, the modifications would be a pin of the SSV Helios, his Corporal Ranking, and a Russian Flag.

Armor: Iona's Armor is a Pure White Set, on the right armband, there is the russian Insignia. On the Left is a Alliance Logo.

-Thirty Nine Years of Age
Birthday 12/25/2147
Unit Vocals: A thick slavic accent, most of his words are usually over pronounced in English.

[ Reference for me if unable, Vlad from Payday 2]


Marine General Information.

Unit training:  Basic Training / Experience on the Field / Farmhand Work
Unit Assignment: 2nd Marine Reconnaissance Company, 103rd Marine Division
Operational Status: Inactive
Unit Casualty Status: K.I.A
Previous Post: SSV Helios
Unit MOS: Combat Engineer


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Systems Alliance, Russian Militia
Listed Liked Factions: [Human, Asari, Turian, Krogan, Geth*,Drell]
Listed Disliked Factions: [ Artificial Intelligence, The Entire State of Maine, Salarian]
Listed Neutral Factions: [Any Unlisted]
Hostile Factions: [Reapers, any fought by Constantinople]


Unit Personnel Relationships:

All of these seem to be translated from Russian, he seems to not know about the Omnitool’s translation, even when we told him.
-Edit As of 6/5/**** This is no longer true, for he now knows of it.

Affectionate/Well Respected:


Anne Itsuko* - The woman is another person that has helped me out. A former Service Chief ,court marshalled into a Private Second Class again. And has helped me more than most with my acting of Viola. And has got me over her.. I will repay the favor one day with her. But for now, she is a good person to make conversation with. After multiple conversations with her I have shown my affection to her, and she has to me. I love her, and I will never let her fall. She will live on, no matter what happens. And I swear to god, I will make that happen.

-I love her... she was the final step to forgiveness... the ring will hold.


Cassius Petrov - I'm sorry for my past anger to him, He is my father and I apologize to him. I thought I had it bad, but making someone alone harms us all....

I'm sorry Dad. Let's get this war over.


Nade Ester* - The only other man who knows my secret with Itsuko, I put my trust into this man. He is also a great teacher in the arts of Combat Engineer. And I must keep my trust into him.

-Ester... has to come back. He has helped us out with my learnings, he should be able to help me calm down Adande, Flynt and Victoria.

-Ester, is literally a carbon copy of be... save for him having a blue omni-tool, being in a relation with a woman who is taller than Greene, and is African american. I still like this comrade, and consider him the true brother to me... Or whatever that term is.. 'Brother from another mother?' Is that the line?

-I thank this man for helping me work through the issues I had.


Despite being listed below, all members of the SSV Constantinople, Prior to the Mission of London are all under well respected.

Victoria Morello* - This woman is a teacher to me for the English language, I feel pity for her from Samuel… there are no more words to say…

-Update= There are more words to say. I like working with her. And I respect her more than everybody else on the crew. She is a little emotional, but... there are reasons behind it.

-I... was opened up to what my life was really like... I couldn't handle it and acted like a child.. I guess it's my turn to be emotional. But this is not the time to ponder over life. I will fight by her side until the bitter end. This woman has done alot more for me than anybody else in the crew. Save for Adande and Anne.

-She told me what happened with my father... and was the first step to forgiveness. And the Respect I have for her is immense for all that she's helped me with.

-I feel sorry for her, she has suffered to much... I know she will be doing a favor for me.. I know she will be able to do it herself. In case if it happens..


Uriel Vertanos* - A Drell, a race that I usually have no care for, he helped me out and focus on what is real. He's helped me out from my worries of Viola, and of my parents being who they really were behind there Facade. A Wonderous person to speak to, and can handle his blade and weaponry. I will fight under him gladly. He has taught me things in life that I should keep to know to life.

- I give this man my thanks for clearing my mind of what happened.

-You have sacrificed yourself for us, comrade. I'll see you on that shore you have told us about.


Flynt Thatcher - This man has gone through a lot, as have I. I will deal with him as i deal with myself, and we deal with each-other in respect.


Adande Greene* - This man I owe my life to, if he did not take me along with him I would have been killed by the reapers and I would have not met the other members of the crew. I will see if I can get a transfer from Allentown to Constantinople when this is all done, for now. I will follow him until I pass.

-After what happened with Thatcher and Victoria, he has seemed to forgive him, and allow him to get back in the crew, and recently become a corporal. Adande has done things that have given me respect, from allowing me to see my father, allowing me to help out any way I Can... he has done what I Can never repay..

-This man, has done something I wouldn't expect him to do... thank you comrade.


Invictus -He.. is not like other geth, he has changed my views on these things... it's now to only worry about the AI.

Octis Kurius - Not much I can say about the man, a fellow of Ester's, I can get along with him.

Brandon Doyle - A Clever person amongst the crew, and I have learned how to work with him. He makes for good conversation, but seems to be really... really quirky.

Vladimir LeRouche - I did not expect to respect this man... but I found a journal in maine, it seemed to be helmed by him. After reading through it, he seemed to have high respect for the crew, and the tales i heard about him, he has a notice to them and I like him.

Pydh 'Bugrade' - A Awakened Collector, he gives Anne trouble, but I made sure that he would not harm Anne. And a asset to the crew.

Thomas Nyugen - A Person who can fire a rifle, he just needs to learn when not to shoot his rifle. He does have a good eye however..
Neutral Respected:

Tyler the Vorcha: "Nothing really to note other than he is... like me in a sense when I first joined, with really.. really.. bad english.


If Unlisted, they are here

The Kelce Family : These men and women are the ones that I aspire to be. Save for Travis

Genos Primus - I'm not going to comment on him again until after this war is over.


Travis Kelce - A man I respect, and one of the three oldest members of the crew, and yet, a trickster with the AI, trying to get me to be hugged by it in it's LOKI Mech... Ugh

-Was I wrong about this man, for he has insulted me about my intelligence, yet I clearly understand him. He may be doing these in jest, but I do not appreciate it.

I prefer Floyd, Samuel, and Jason better than this asshole.

Kreg Luther - I don't like how he is a asshole, attacking other people, being a ass to other people.. I don't understand him.. as long as he stays away on Anne in that subject.


Any A.I members of the crew - These things are creepy, and I do not like them. End of story, I would rather eat Haggis than speak to one of them in a normal conversation.

[Crew under this category - Alliance VI, Interpetor VI, 'Connie' Unshackled AI, ]



I... learned from my past mistakes. I don't hate anyone on the crew, I got to put aside my differences.. I'm not some idiot anymore...


Maine - Fuck Maine


Dren Meros: .... I'm glad you're dead.... You attempted to kill my Love, and never listened to my orders. You also gave my love a fucking Panic Attack... Stay dead you idiot toad.


Reapers/Harbinger: You bastards have done things that have harmed me, my love, and my fellow comrades. I will live to see the day you all fall, and I will remember your beings with a laugh when you fall.


Negan: You should have stayed dead... If you dare lay a hand on Anne I will personally make sure your death is painful, and slow. Even if Victoria thinks she has the higher ground and will do it herself.

Negan's Hoolagins: These guys are assholes and I wish they died, end of story.


* - Was mentioned in his Loyalty mission by name. these are all the highest of regards.


Unit History:

Iona Petrov was born to two people who should not have had kids, Eva Petrov and Cassius Petrov. Both of which were evil to each other. Iona denies abuse but from words he said he is either in complete denial, or he is oblivious. We have neglected to tell him for fear of his personal sanity.

As of 6/10/****, he officially knows of what happened to his family, and does not seem to be lost of sanity yet. Except he seems to be still in intense thought whenever he stares at something for long enough, breaking his concentration.

Cases of abuse we have knowledge of so far.

-His 'blanket' was a coarse rope and his mother tried to strangle him with it when he was a young boy, around the years of five to six.
-His parents were drug users, and would always fight. We suspect Marijuana
-Abuse against two feline cats, multiple scratches were recalled in what we heard.
-He was kicked out of the house during the winter, a wild canine took him in to be one of there own.
-Multiple incidents involving hitting and beating by the father/mother.
-His wife was killed by his mother after the wife called in a case of abuse. Mother is currently in a cemetery.

-Update: Loyalty Mission-

On 1/**/**** Adande's crew has held a briefing to go to Servermosk, to pick up his father. Through the fighting they secured two helpful assets, a new member of the crew. And scientists who were working on something important. Eventually Adande's group came across Iona Petrov's former home, and inside it and still alive is Cassius Petrov. The two of them had a talk in front of everyone. Iona forgiving his father, and wheeling him out personally to the Kodiak outside. And gathered his things. Iona spoke about his wedding with Anne to Victoria, and partially, to Ester. After the war, Iona is planning something involving the five he mentioned in the loyalty mission, for his own personal project.

Final Update

Iona has perished in the final fight against the reapers, attempting to move his wife, Anne Itsuko. And to get her out of the way. However, he was not able to save her, and they both have perished.

Character Playlist - On the forums

Ends of the Earth - Lord Huron / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MH-UmYkXiM

Long Way From Home - The Lumineers /  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD1ixuk8dpg

Ophelia - The Lumineers / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTOC_q0NLTk


Character Playlist - My Thinking - Post Loyalty Mission

Gorillaz - Empire Ants / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNth4yhlffU

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