Illium Hosts Controversial Krogan Art Showcase

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Illium Hosts Controversial Krogan Art Showcase

Post by Scout on Tue May 10, 2016 11:22 pm

The mixed media showcase of krogan creative works, "One in a Thousand," opened last night at Illium's prestigious Municipal Institute of Art. As krogan history is often viewed by others as violent and tragic, the art display challenges viewers to rethink their established views on krogan culture. 

"We wanted to explore different aspects of the krogan people, from the dark to the sublime. We hope to inspire debate on the very nature of how we define 'art'." says Dr. Alissa Banser, the institute's program coordinator.

Some early reviews have hailed Dr. Banser as courageous; others call the showcase "exploitative" and "in poor taste," noting that few, if any, of the show's pieces were created by krogan artists. The showcase is on display until (Earth standard date) May 21st 2186.”

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