Sargo's Moderator Application

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Sargo's Moderator Application

Post by Sargo922 on Sun Apr 24, 2016 3:12 am

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

(UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

Which Server are you applying for?:
Mass Effect RP.

Time Spent on Our Server:
Been on since launch of the ME-RP Server.

Have you ever been banned for any reason from our server?:

Previous Experience:
Served as Administrator, Head Administrator, and Super Administrator in EUPRP prior to temporary closure of the group.

Can any other community owner vouch for you?: 

What can you bring to our server?:
I'm an honest, dedicated individual, I always do what's best for the server, not for the individual.

Why do you want to administrate here?:
EUPRP is the one group i've been in the longest, coming on six years now. While I regret not being there to help form the group alongside Scout and Andrew six years ago, I have striven to try and be apart of the community. Now that I've come to terms with my feelings for the revival of EUPRP, I want to take a more substantial position in the group, and help benefit both the community and RP itself in someway, whether it's helping deal with idiots, or assisting in creating unique events for the players to enjoy.


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Re: Sargo's Moderator Application

Post by Scout on Sun Apr 24, 2016 12:48 pm


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