Equipment Requisitions

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Equipment Requisitions

Post by Sargo922 on Sun Apr 24, 2016 1:47 am

Subject: Equipment Requisitions

Hello Commander, After serving in several operations in the field alongside the Constantinople Marines, I have come to the conclusion that the equipment I am currently using is hampering my performance on the field, as such, I'd like to request a few new pieces of hardware for future operations as to further my performance in the field.

We'll start with armour, the current Alliance Marine armour I'm using is bulky and slow, the Ajax armour however is far more compact, reliable, and it allows me to move much more freely and carry extra equipment that I need, rather than having to worry about stuffing extra thermal clips into the empty sockets of my armour.

Secondly, the M-8 Avenger, whilst a reliable firearm, it suffers from distance, and many of our previous encounters have shown that we often engage our enemy at a range that causes the Avenger to lose out in the field. The weapon I would like to requisition to fix this issue is the M-96 Mattock, whilst its an unusual rifle, often looked down upon in the cases of the Avenger and Vindicator assault rifles, the Mattock can effiecively engage at any distance, be it close or long, and has enough stopping power to warrent close range engagement where as the Avenger would be able to fire more rounds on a single target in a shorter span, the Mattock would be able to drop the target with two or three shots, compared to the large number the Avenger may require against larger, more armoured targets.

And lastly, the M-9 Predator pistol, it's reliable and tough, but it lacks stopping power, and the Carnifex, while powerful, has a very small magazine size, however I found that the M-5 Phalanx makes up in both regards, having both higher stopping power than the M-9, and more magazine capacity than the Carnifex. I believe this pistol can easily make up for the issues that the M-9 suffer while not carrying over any issues that the Carnifex may suffer in the field.

With this equipment, I believe that I will be able to function more effiectivly in the field, without having to compensiate for the drawbacks of weapons like the Predator's low stopping power, or the Avenger's lack of accuracy at distance firing.

I hope you take the necessary time to consider this Commander, as I am always striving to better myself in the field and be more of an asset alongside my fellow marines.

- Sincerly, Corporal Rachel Elizabeth.


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