Cana'Xeemma vas Constantinople [K.I.A]

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Cana'Xeemma vas Constantinople [K.I.A]

Post by Lapis on Tue Apr 19, 2016 9:34 pm

Select Personnel File.

> Pfc Reed Beckham
> SvC Jason Kelce
> Cpl Victoria Morello
> Cana'Xeemma vas Constantinople :: Cana'Xeemma vas Constantinople Selected.

Loading Personnel File.

Identification Information.

Name: Cana'Xeemma vas Constantinople
Gender: Female
Species: Quarian
Age: 21 human years

Physical Appearance: 5'5" | Female | Black biosuit | Translucent visor outlining her face | Blue fabric on biosuit | White glowing eyes | Various engineering tools on belt

Vocals: A mix of Tali'Zorah and Darro'Xen's vocals.



Training: Engineering, Basic Training, Code, Field Repairs, Demolitions
Unit Assignment: 2nd Marine Reconnaissance Company, 103rd Marine Division
Operational Status: Active
Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Assignment: QFS Nukor
Role: Chief Engineer


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Systems Alliance & The Migrant Fleet
Listed Liked Factions: Citadel
Listed Disliked Factions: Mercenaries, pirates
Listed Neutral Factions: Everyone else not listed
Listed Feared Factions: Reapers
Hostile Factions: Perseus Veil Geth, Collectors, Cerberus

Unit Personnel Relationships.

In a Relationship with:
SvC Jason Kelce: "The sweetest Kelce I've ever met. He knows how to talk to women. And plus, I'm an alien. Bonus points!"

GyC Flynt Thatcher: "Thatcher is... special to me. I used to like him, but I respect his and Liz's boundaries. Plus, I have Jason."
Cpl Victoria "Vicky" Morello: "Vicky is like a little sister to me. She's so cute! And feisty."
Svc Rachel Elizabeth: "I miss you, Lizzy... I wish you didn't have to die..."

StfLt Martin Banner: "Banner is a commendable soldier and a fellow enthusiast of the logical aspects of life."
HN Callistius Zervaria: "I hope she found peace with herself. She's not a traitor to her people, even though she felt otherwise."

Neutral: Unlisted persons

Pfc Winfred Nosins: "Eh, I just don't like him. A bit too cocky and full of himself. Also has very underhanded insults."

LtCmd Adande Greene: "This man is an able commander. He's proven himself time and time again that he is worthy of the titles of Spectre and Commander."




Unit History: Born aboard the Rayya, Cana was a promising young engineer, trained under her father. She learned how to handle a pistol from the Nukor's guard captain. She was chosen as part of an Alliance-Quarian Flotilla agreement, where one human and one Quarian would be assigned to important vessels in the versing fleets.

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