Alliance Corpsmen Ranks

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Alliance Corpsmen Ranks

Post by Mister Vasili on Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:27 am

Highest to Lowest
Chief Hospital Corpsman (HMC, E-5) - Highest Ranking Corpsman before officer. Typically in charge of a large medical detachment or assistant to a medical officer. Very highly experienced and respected among marines having lots of experience and medical knowledge. Co-ensides with the Marine rank Operations Chief.

Hospital Corpsman First Class (HM1, E-4) - Very experienced Corpsman NCO. Typically in charge of a medical detachment or assigned to a highly trained and important unit. Their medical knowledge is almost at peak for an enlisted. Co-ensides with the Marine rank Gunnery Chief.

Hospital Corpsman Second Class (HM2, E-4) - A step above entry level Corpsman NCO. Has experience with both command and medical know-how. They are standardly in charge of groups of corpsmen and sometimes a medical detachment of a mid sized vessel or unit. Co-ensides with the Marine rank Service Chief

Hospital Corpsman Third Class (HM3, E-3) - Entry level Corpsman NCO position. Experience with commanding corpsman starts here. They are in charge of group of corpsmen or even in some cases a medical detachment. Co-ensides with the Marine rank Corporal.

Hospitalman (HM, E-2) - Standard level corpsman rank. Fully trained with combat and medical knowledge and by no means considered entry level. Many corpsmen share this rank which is most common for the Hospital Corpsman. Co-ensides with the Marine rank Private First Class.

Hospitalman Apprentice (HA, E-1) - Entry level corpsman rank. Trained in medical and combat but requires experience serving under an NCO or at the very least an experienced Hospitalman. If a marine transfers to the Hospital Corpsman from any rank, they will typically spend some time as an apprentice regardless of past rank. This is to give them at very least some focus on medical experience, once a higher rank is promoted from this they are usually sent to their past co-ensiding rank. Co-ensides with Marine rank Private Second Class.

*Both navy and marine characters can transfer to Hospital Corpsman if approved, since the marines are not their own branch, but a division of the navy.*

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Re: Alliance Corpsmen Ranks

Post by Lapis on Sun Sep 03, 2017 2:35 pm

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