Dossier Format

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Dossier Format

Post by Meatball Chef Sam on Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:53 pm

Select Personnel File.

[b]> YourName[/b] :: YourName Selected.

Loading Personnel File.

[u][size=20]Unit Identification Information.[/size][/u]

[i][b]Unit Identification Image:[/b][/i]
[Your Image Here]

[i][b]Unit Name:[/b][/i] YourName
[b][i]Unit Aliases:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Unit Gender:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Unit Species:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Unit Ranking:[/i][/b]

[i][b]Physical Appearance:[/b][/i]

[i][b]Unit Vocals:[/b][/i]


[size=20][u]Marine General Information.[/u][/size]

[b][i]Unit training:[/i][/b]  
[b][i]Unit Assignment:[/i][/b] SSV Antioch, 108th Combined Arms Unit
[b][i]Operational Status:[/i][/b] Active
[b][i]Unit Casualty Status:[/i][/b] Alive
[b][i]Previous Post:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Unit MOS:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Unit Graduating Class:[/i][/b]


[size=20][u]Unit Faction Relationships.[/u][/size]

[b][i]Faction Allegiance:[/i][/b]
[b][i]Listed Liked Factions:[/i][/b] [INPUT]
[b][i]Listed Disliked Factions:[/i][/b] [INPUT]
[b][i]Listed Neutral Factions:[/i][/b] [INPUT]
[i][b]Hostile Factions:[/b][/i] [INPUT]

[size=20][u]Unit Personnel Relationships.[/u][/size]









[size=20][u]Unit History.[/u][/size]

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