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The Marksman is the long ranged precision fire role in an infantry squad. The DM's role is to supply rapid accurate fire on enemy targets at ranges longer than an average assault rifle with a rifle capable of semi-automatic fire called a designated marksman rifle equipped with a long range zoom sight.
Personnel: Pfc Reed Beckham

CQC Specialist(1/3)
The CQC Specialist is a marine that is proficient in the use of close quarters equipment as well as specialized close quarters and breaching equipment. These marines are well versed with close quarters tactics, breaching technique and hand to hand combat. In any close quarters situation these are the heavy hitting marines that will always take point using value of shock to undermine the enemies fighting capability.
Personnel: SvC Flynt Thatcher

Provides Infantry heavy explosive support with high trajectory, high explosive capability out to 350 meters utilizing the High Explosive grenade launcher in order to suppress and destroy enemy Infantry and light-armored vehicles as well as high armored enemies or mechs.

Automatic Rifleman(1/2)
An Automatic Rifleman provides sustained direct fire support for a squad of infantry. This marine utilizes the M-76 Revenant, a high ammunition capacity rifle that fires 700 Rounds Per Minute. While firing many bullets at a high rate of fire, this weapon is less accurate and requires more recoil control if not prone or crouching. Despite the weapons drawbacks it remains the most powerful conventional projectile small arm in a squad of marines.
Personnel: SvC Jason Kelce

The machinegunner provides considerably higher fire support compared to the AR. Using the larger and heavier N7 Typhoon, the machinegunner is able to effectively lay down hundreds of rounds on a sustained target.

Missile Specialist(0/2)
Marines that utilize the ML-77 launcher capable of destroying heavy enemy units, vehicles and mechs. This role provides all the heavy duty punch that an infantry squad needs.

Combat Engineer(0/2)
A combat engineer is a marine specialist who performs a variety of construction and demolition tasks under combat conditions. The Combat engineer will provide Construction expertise to fortify using on hand materials for friendly forces. Along with this, Combat Engineers will use explosives for demolitions duties and also have the knowledge to disarm enemy explosives.

Technology Specialist(1/2)
A Technology Specialist is a soldier well versed in mechanical technology as well as terminal information technology. These specialists are able to hack into enemy machinery and devices and provide technical support and knowledge to the serving unit.
Personnel: Cpl Rachel Elizabeth

Biotic Specialist(2/3)
Biotic Specialists are individuals who are capable of using their biotics as a weapon, and to protect the needs of their squad through the use of barriers, shockwaves, singularities, and novas.
Personnel: Cpl Sam Chevalier, Pfc Victoria Morello

A Hospital Corpsman is an enlisted medical specialist of the Alliance Fleet who may also serve with the Alliance Marine Corps. Corspmen serving in the Constantinople have undergone both the marine basic training as well as the more elite training that the rest of the marines have gone through. On the battlefield their duty is rendering emergency medical treatment to include initial treatment in a combat environment.
Personnel: HMC Uriel Vertanos, HN Vladimir LeRouche

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Re: Specializations

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Added Machinegunner

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