Marine Ranks

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Marine Ranks

Post by Mister Vasili on Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:27 pm

Highest to Lowest, with pay grades.

[O-4] Lieutenant Commander(LtCmd)
[O-3] Staff Lieutenant(StfLt)
[O-2] First Lieutenant(1stLt)
[O-1] Second Lieutenant(2ndLt)

[E-6] Operations Chief(OpC)
[E-5] Gunnery Chief(GyC)
[E-4] Service Chief(SvC)

[E-3] Corporal(Cpl)
[E-3] Lance Corporal (LCpl)
[E-2] Private First Class(Pfc)
[E-1] Private 2nd Class(Pv2)
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