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War Progress

Post by Scout on Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:06 pm

In the war against the Udrainn, Astrica has assembled three of it's legions to send to war. Fighting against Udrainn, it is estimated that the Udrainnians have around fifteen thousand warriors, while Astrica has sent three legions consisting of twenty three thousand warriors. The Udrainnians have a huge reliance on cavalry, and the Emperor has ordered all legions to be equipped with at least two thousand cavalry men.

The First Legion is led by Legatus Marcus Linnicius Aurelius. He commands nine thousand men, three thousand of which are skirmishers, and commands one thousand cavalry men. Legatus Aurelius leads Astrica's most veteran troops into combat. While Legatus Aurelius originally had three thousand cavalry men, there are reports that he forced two thousand of them to dismount. This decision, if true, is unknown in its purpose.

The 7th Legion is led by Legatus Postumius Calventius Fraucus. He commands six thousand men, one thousand of which are skirmishers, and commands four thousand cavalry men. Legatus Fraucus leads Astrica's largest Legion of cavalry men into battle against an enemy well versed in the art of mobile warfare through horseback. 

The 3rd Legion is led by Legatus Kaeso Menenius Nero. He commands four thousand men, one thousand of which are skirmishers, in addition, two thousand cavalry. This smaller legion is more mobile, and quickly moves about the eastern islands and river crossings, taking territory.

In it's first four battles, the First Legion of Astrica has enjoyed resounding victories. They have marched into the heart of Udrainn and slaughtered all who stand before them, suffering virtually no casualties. However, in their latest battle, they suffered a great ambush that led them to fall back. It is said that most of the Legion is destroyed and trapped currently between two Udrainnian armies.

In it's first two battles, the 7th Legion of Astrica successfully defended off two battles against Udrainnians advancing into Astrica, pushing them back. However, when advancing into the territory of Udrainn, they have lost all three battles, being ambushed twice. The 7th Legion is low on troops and morale.

In it's first battle, the Third Legion of Astrica successfully ambushed and wiped out Udrainnians defending the river crossing that leads into their territory. They are now marching up the coast, undefended.

Reports show that in the war, over thirty thousand Udrainnians have died, with twelve thousand Astrican casualties. The war is soon to end soon, with an Astrican victory.


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