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" Bold, vibrant, cunning, exciting. I'd use those words to describe Asketillians in their homeland. " - Anaedfaere, Riddegardian Professor, 203 AC.

Asketill has boomed since it's origins as a small nation protected in a hamlet formed by Mount Trymoc and Mount Ro Maire. It began as a small collection of tribes who unified to create a united front to protect themselves against the Cataclysm, from there it grew to a powerful city with growing trade ports stationed in various places to allow them to reach most of Astrica. Now, it's a massive human empire with colonies and influence anywhere in Astrica. It's largest colony, Davos, is even successful enough to operate as it's own nation, however Asketill's strength and riches keep Davos well tied to it's mother country.

To understand Asketill, one must understand business. The strong, do what must be done attitude is what allowed the Asketillians to survive Bodhan Torr's darkest hour, it is what allowed them to expand and grow, and now it is their way of life. To a non-Asketillian, they may be seen as hard headed, cold, or even evil in some eyes. To an Asketillian, they are just doing what must be done. 

The landscape of Asketill can be described as rough and mountainous. They live in a temperate climate with mild summers and freezing winters. Their lands are dotted by small towns and villages. Tall and sturdy trees alongside efficient and resilient plants, as fragile trees and plants would not survive the cold winters. 

Many streams and small rivers criss-cross Asketill, many flowing from the high mountains of Mount Ro Maine and Trymouc. These rivers have an abundance of life within them, full of fish and other creatures. The skies of Asketill are notably full of birds who travel in huge flocks. The birds find Asketill to be a perfect place to hunt for the summer, however, the birds will fly west in the winter to the Fidemin's territory. 

The lands of Asketill are often straight forward and rough, just as the people who have called it home. Asketill is a land for the strong, the smart, and even the nimble if they can find their strength to power through it's tough times. Those who can survive and thrive in Asketill, can often do the same anywhere else on Bodhan Torr.

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