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" Eremonia is everything except for simple. The rolling dunes, the low grasslands, the lively savannahs, and the culture and people mix to form one unified song that would entice even the meek among us to bloom. " - Bernhard Wulff, Asketillian Scholar, 132 AC

Eremonia represents all lands owned by Eremos, or officially the Kingdom of Eremos. These lands are known for their diversity and hidden secrets. Many adventurers travel to Eremos, which has made a popular saying catch on. "One day in Eremos is a hundred adventures anywhere else."

The desert region of Eremonia, the heart of the nation, is the Braeton desert. This area is characterized by its vast openness, dotted by small towns, villages, and cities. It's cities are often open yet well protected by cavalry mounted guards who are swift to respond to threats. They often are covered by canopies that protect citizens and animals from the blaze of the desert sun. The deserts hold the largest population in Eremonia, being the heartland of where the Eremonian people originate from.

Grasslands in Eremonia

Grasslands in Eremonia are characterized by their heavy rains and large farms. The grasslands serve as the agricultural center, housing over 85% of the nation's agriculture. Towns are few and far in this region as farmers take vast amounts of land to provide for the nation. 

Savannah in Eremonia

Savannahs however have the second largest population in Eremonia. They are inviting to both families and adventurers alike. Their stable ecosystem allows for small family farms and their lands provide a great alternative to those who do not enjoy the desert heat.

Eremonia proves itself as both a diverse center of lands and a nation full of adventure. They have been relatively safe for hundreds of years, and now prosper as one of the top nations in all of Astrica.

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