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A painting of early Caladan.

Caladan, officially known as the Principality of Caladan, is a small micro-state nation jammed between Astrica and the Raliac Bay. The micro-state encompasses an area of 12 mi² and has two settlements, the main city of Caladan, and the port city of Mare. The Caladan people come from a nomadic people who settled in the region hundreds of years ago. While influenced by Astrica, they have formed a very independent culture that prides itself on civil discord, development, trade and personal wealth. 


An average Caladanian.

The average Caladanian stands around 5'10. They are often light skinned and blonde haired people, yet variants are common. They are described as honest and hard working. They value family, work, and religious values. Caladanians have always been numbered few, so they often work with their neighbors without hesitation. 

The Caladanians seek a normal family life. They enjoy having three to four children with a single mother and father. Typically, males and females work equally. The mother is expected to stay at home long enough to raise a boy to the age of ten, where at that point he is expected to watch over his siblings while the mother returns to the workforce.

Caladanians make natural laborers and tradesmen. They are known for their logical and effective approach to many problems they deal with. A good Caladanian citizen is expected to work first and rest later.

Caladanians respect wealth in the sense of earning a living. If a Caladanian works himself into a wealthy lifestyle, he is greatly respected, and even then they are still expected to continue to work. If a Caladanian stumbles upon mounds of gold and is suddenly rich, they are frowned upon, as they did nothing to earn such gold or lifestyle.


The city of Caladan serves as the capital for the nation. It currently has a population of two hundred and fifty three residents. The capital city holds most of its infrastructure, including the bank of Caladan, the Councilman's Hall, the Guard Barracks, the tavern, and now its farms. Caladan is a constantly growing city. While its borders are small, it still has much land to grow into, and that possibility increases as more opportunities approach Caladan.


The port town of Mare is a very small settlement, with only around 90 citizens. While its small, it serves as the best docks for the Raliac Bay. It contains several small buildings and the Merchant's Guild among the docks. It's largest feature is the coastal fort there, invested into by the Merchant's Guild to serve as a trade center. While the fort does not serve a military purpose, it is well defended and lined with cannons. It often deters pirates and raiders.


Currently, the Caladan Guard serves as both the guards of the town and its military force. While it is small in size, it is ferocious in tenacity and dedication to the nation. The average Guardsman may not be the most skilled warrior, but the Caladanians are known to fight tooth and nail for what little they have. Each Guardsman volunteers, doing two years of service at a time. They are supervised by a Knight, who answers to the Marshall of the Watch, otherwise known as the Marshall. It is the Marshall who has the supreme say over the Guard in all aspects, as well as defenses, tactics, and anything military. The Knight is often granted powers to change defenses, patrols, and other smaller aspects of the Guard, yet larger tasks are left to the Marshall.

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