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The Green Guild

Post by Scout on Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:58 am

"And for this land, this Bodhan Torr, may it forever be in eternal peace. May the flowers bloom outwards, may the trees stretch upwards, and may all of my blessed creatures live forever." - Fontar
The Green Guild is looking for new members!

In Astrica, many fail to understand the importance of nature. We live in a land of imperials who want nothing more than to conquer and expand its urban centers. We must protect the lives of the most purest creatures on this earth, the animals who inhabitant and those who risk it all to allow nature to continue to flourish. If these goals sound in line with your own, find us and join us.

Must want to preserve nature.

Find us on the Eastern Half of Capua, two trees in front of our door marks us.

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