The Musketeer's Guild

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The Musketeer's Guild

Post by Scout on Tue Dec 12, 2017 5:11 pm

Musket enthusiast - listen up!
The Musketeer's Guild is now looking for new members to add to its ranks

In a world of ever-growing technological advancements, the musket serves as one of the greatest of our time. All muskets from every corner of Astrica are not only fine weapons, they are pieces of art, to be appreciated and cared for.
Our goal is to push the musket forward into the world as the future of personal recreation, self-preservation and warfare. 

If your views are in line with ours, find yourselves in our guild!

Must be an owner of a musket
Must pass a basic musket quiz
Must be human or Marsh Elf

Find us in Capua! Once you enter the gate, take a left and head up the stairs and cross the bridge.

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