Political Positions

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Political Positions

Post by DarthAussie on Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:32 pm

The following are the political positions attainable. They are listed in the order you will gain them if you choose to take part in the political system.

The Aedile is the entry level political position. Their responsibilities are to maintain public buildings, as well as manage public order (Town guard and defence etc.) They also have a duty to manage and create public festivals in order to keep the public happy.

Tribune act as a respresentative of the people, and a check to the Astrican senate. They have the ability to introduce legislation as a voice for the people, as well as veto legislation that they believe is against the well being of the people.

The Censors' main responsibility is to carry out the census when it is time, as well as to monitor public morality. They work with the Qauster in monitoring who needs to be taxed, and who doesn't.

Qausters are among the most important people in the province. Their responsibilities include investigating criminal activity, collecting taxes, deploying Venators, and act as judges to deliver sentences.

The Magistrate is arguably the most important person in the province. They command the military forces within the province, and have the authority to raise forces to stamp out threats without the Emperor's approval. In addition, they are able to assemble a group of advisers and staff, and have the sole right to impose capital punishment, being the chief justice. They are supposed to travel between towns to administer justice.

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