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Jex Varshal

Post by drewsane12 on Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:06 pm


Name: 'Jex' Varshal
Gender:  Male
Race: Elf
Subrace:  Marsh Elf
Age:  84
Level: 1




Physical Description:  This male elf stands at around five feet and four inches with dark skin, and shadowed eyes. This character also presents a long goatee. He typically wears baggy and complex hunters clothing, surrounded with heavy chain-mail and a notorious bear-headed hood.

Class:  Blacksmith
Main Weapon:  Steel Sword
Secondary Weapon:  N/A



Strength - 2
Ability - 3
Intelligence - 2
Charisma - 1
Luck - 2
Perception: 1


First Aid - 5
Perception - 5
Persuasion - 5
Tracking - 5
Gutting - 5
One Handed - 10
Two Handed - 5
Archery - 5
Throwing - 5
Alchemy - 5
Enchanting - 5
Smithing - 10
Heavy Armor - 5
Light Armor - 5
Lockpicking - 5
Pickpocket - 5
Ballistics - 10
Restoration - 5
Illusion - 5
Manipulation - 5
Conjuration - 5
Glossolalia - 5


Affectionate -

Liked - - Yang: A newcomer among the town from far east. This man lives in his culture and respects it to his dying breath, which I highly appreciate. He makes positive attitude everyday in my presence and always works up to his word. If he hasn't, then he has tried.

Yang has quickly grown to admire the residence and common folk of Capua, and appears will do anything to protect it.

Respected - Nivifi: Although she's also a neighbor. Nivifi has always seemed to be there by my side for whenever I needed it. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by just how much care and embrace she really has to offer.

Quite the rescuer in times of dire need for assistance and an excellent person to travel with.

Neutral - Cato: This man shows much courage and loyalty for his town of Caladan.. I even got to see him resolve some dispute over territory using his own power of law, and gratitude towards others.

Sympathetic -

Disliked -  Asclepius: At first a reasonable and responsible man.. We had a good chat for the moment I knew him, for he had much respect for people's self desires during conversation. The way he spoke made your mind clear of the bad things in this world. Not too far after I knew him, he tried to attack and kill me.. and I'll never know why. I'm amazed I made it out alive and, It's morbid for me to think of it this way but - If I had died in his presence, I would've been happy rather than disappointed during the process. More so, after his crime had been concluded and his life sentence resolved; his end result put a shadow over everything he's worked for. The end result was putting shame onto his own race, and still putting me in somewhat danger. Such a grand career gone to waste.

Hated -

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