The Law of Ononderbrokenreizen

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The Law of Ononderbrokenreizen

Post by Peppuh on Fri Dec 01, 2017 4:20 pm

The Law of Ononderbrokenreizen (or the Law of Uninterupted Travel in Astrican) was decreed by President Porter Wagoner in 336 AC. The law guarantees safe and uninterupted travel for all that pass through Asketillian land and water, regardless of race or citizenship, to foster increased trade. The only travel that would be interupted is the travel of enemies of the state.

The increased amount of troops and ships increased the annual budget for the Republic of Asketill but the increased cost has been offset by increased trade, cheaper prices (due to traders not having to hire extra protection), and better relations with trade partners.

The Law of Ononderbrokeneizen helped cement Wagoner as one of the greatest leaders Asketill had seen since Thorod Jokulsson
in 2 AC.

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