The History of the Anekoians

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The History of the Anekoians

Post by Scout on Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:03 pm

The history of Anekoians is one surrounded in legend and mystery. The warrior nature of the people discouraged arts and education for centuries , only within the past a thousand years out of their 6,000 year existence have the Anekoians recorded their own history.

The Anekoians are the only recorded cat people in all of Astrica. They are extremely resilient and strong natural warriors. They stand at 10 feet tall, and their intimidating figure is bolstered by their large manes and deep, booming voices. Their hands are able to maintain the shape of humanoids but the features of large predatory cats, leaving their deadly claws in place.

The start of Anekoians is one shrouded in mysteries and legends. It is told that the Anekoians were created by Hossam himself , in an effort to create an apex predator. However, legends also say that the Anekoians were nothing more than that, excellent predators who had no form of higher thinking. However , Fontar, the deity of nature, fell in love with the beautiful complexity and superiority of the wild beasts. It is said that it is he who breathed life into the Anekoians, granting them intelligence and resources to begin their empire. It is said that Fontar did this because he loved the creatures so much that he wanted them to have their own rights and land, their intelligence would allowed them not to be hunted for sport and give them a chance to last forever. Whether this tale is true or not , it is undeniable that the Anekoians have built a great empire.

However, luckily thanks to Elven historians , it is known that there were great cat beasts in the same region as the Anekoians, what is unconfirmed however is if they are the same creature or an entirely different one. An except from an Elven historian can be found here

What is known is how the Anekoians were forged out of war and battle. The first Anekoians to come to power fought a brutal, long war against a group of elves previously known as the Foltun Elves. These elves were renowned for their mastery of the land, and were held in high regard by other Elven races. 5,864 years ago, the Anekoians launched their war. It is unsure why the Anekoians engaged in warfare, as they could have easily moved south with no resistance. Yet the Anekoians chose to fight , and that they did for 27 years . The war began as a guerrilla effort, Anekoians would ambush the elves with their bare paws, steal their gear and adapt their own. Thousands of lives were lost in the conflict, and after countless sieges and battles, the Anekoians would win their war, thus beginning their empire.

Then, nearly five thousand years of unrecorded history occurs within the Anekoian lands. With their extremely strict immigration policy, many are never allowed inside their territory unless they themselves are Anekoians.

When their history was finally written and shared, it was known that the Anekoians have formed into a fierce warrior society. Every aspect of their society, from family live to professions were based off virtues of combat. Gladiatorial combat was not a punishment, but a reward. Leaders of towns were not the most qualified, but the most fearsome. Mates were chosen on their battle prowess. Every citizen of the empire owned a sword, and good citizens would own several.

This meant that when the Cataclysm came, the Orcs found the Anekoians to be their true match. Able to swing, shoot, bite, and claw their way through the Orc hordes, they stood no match against the Anekoians. To this day, it is believed that the Anekoians are the only empire to have defeated the Cataclysm orcs in conventional combat.  

Today, the Anekoians are a people of isolation, however more and more world events beckon them to leave their borders. Opportunities and rising troubles may give the Anekoians a path to war once more. Any event may draw Bodhan Torr's strongest warriors back into the war that their empire was built on. Recently, small pockets of Anekoians have left their homeland to seek war and adventure for themselves, resulting in the strongest of mercenaries or bravest of adventurers.

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