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Home System: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Location: Migrant species 
Physical Description: None
Typical Traits: Extremely Intelligent, Natural Spacers
Typical Faults: Non-Adaptive,Solitary 
Ideals: Isolationist, Extreme Xenophobe 
Typical Lifespan: Eternity
Years Space-faring: Unknown

Brief History: The Hoi'yan are a race of virtual beings. Thousands of years ago, under fear of complete annihilation by uncontrollable forces, the Hoi'yan used their extremely advanced technology to upload their very conciousness into a virtual world, in which their entire race lives on now. They uploaded the virtual world onto ten massive dreadnoughts, each dreadnought containing its own node, acting as cities that the virtual beings can move freely amongst. While there is no detail on what their world is like, one can imagine that it is formed to perfection by their own standards.

The ten dreadnoughts always travel together. They are accompanied by a dozen cruisers that serve as security, and are operated by the virtual Hoi'yans from inside of the virtual world. It is believed that this is how the Hoi'yans serve in a military capacity. In this regard, the Hoi'yan have extreme control of their vessels, able to control any part of any ship. Inside of the cruisers sit four dozen more small repair ships and fighters, it is believed that these vessels are also controlled by the Hoi'yans, making their fleet highly impressive and a force to be reckon with. 

The dreadnoughts utilize Ion based weapons, sending out massive electronically based attacks to completely disable an enemy ship. It is believed that other ships have recognizable IFFs that allow the attacks to not affect their own ships, as the dreadnoughts fire out massive area-of-effect blasts. It is recorded that it is at this point that the Hoi'yan cruisers open fire with kinetic based weaponary, shredding an enemy to pieces once their shields are down or a ship is entirely paraylzed. 

Hoi'yan are known to trade with other species to restock their ammunition for their cruisers. The Hoi'yan are an extremely affluent race, harboring very advanced technology.

Much is still unknown about the Hoi'yan. They are a solitary race, and it is believed that these unknowns may stay a mystery forever. Perhaps one day, one can unlock the complex past of the only virtual race in the galaxy.

(Artist interpenetration of the Hoi'yan)

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