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SPECIES: Woggy (Plural Woggies)
FOUND: Trans-planteray creature (found on dozens of different planets.)
AVERAGE LIFESPAN: 12-20 Earth Years
DIET: Herbivore

Woggies are short and stubby creatures who travel in packs across preferably dry and hard terrain, however they can adapt to hotter terrain (See jungle woggies). Woggies stand at 2 feet tall and typically weigh about one hundred and eighty pounds at adult hood. This weight is mostly found in their head and stomach. Their short, fat arms allow them to quickly dig holes in the dry dirt, as their preferred method of sleeping is to sleep in dirt beds they make. The true home of the Woggies is unknown, as they are trans-plantery animals. Many species use woggies as domesticated pets, as they excellent in tracking and exceptionally loyal. Many times, woggies find themselves set free, creating their own packs in the wild. Domesticated woggies perform well on their own, despite some claims that they rely off owners. Despite having rows of sharp, intimidating teeth, woggies are actually herbivores, and eat fruits and vegetables. It is unknown why their teeth are carnivorous, some believe that these teeth scared off predators, as woggies are too chubby to run away at high speeds. Woggies are known for their distinctive yelping noises they make, which range from deep and howling to high pitched and siren-like depending on the age. Baby woggies stay alongside their mother until the age of six, typically finding shelter underneath her belly, travelling just under her at all times while they learn how to hunt, survive, and adapt. Woggies travel in packs up to twenty four, however they pose no threat to any creature.


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