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FOUND: Indri
AVERAGE LIFESPAN: 8-12 Earth Years
DIET: Carnivore

Oshka are aggressive lone hunters. They are the natural predators of the Kelk, and show attributes of being an apex predator. They are the fastest creature on the planet of Indri, capable of going from 0 to 165 MPH in four seconds. Their huge front canines allow them to latch onto prey and take it down in one bite. They have sharp claws that can be retracted or pushed forward on their paws, and their tail serves as both a balancing component and a weapon, capable of being whipped at high speeds. The Oshka sit on the top of the food chain on Indri. While Oshka are typically lone hunters, the exception is for family packs. When males and females first mate, they will stay together until the infant Oshkas reach a mature age of six years old. If the parents are alive, they will split off from each other and from their family. During this time however, the Oshka will live, sleep, hunt, and go through everyday life with their family packs. On rare occasions, multiple family packs can be seen roving the same hunting grounds, however this is rare. Male Oshkas typically engage other males for 'hunting rights' over territory. The winner gets a free hand in whatever area the Oshka marks. Intrusion on this territory is seen as an instant declaration of hostility by the victorious Oshka, and the intruding Oshka is met with a vicious counter-attack from the entire family pack. More of the Oshka can be discovered with proper research.


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